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"9mm semi-automatic pistol which has served as the primary pistol of the US Military. Equipped with a 15 round staggered magazine with reversible release. An optimal level of mobility accounts for considerable lack of power."

— In-game description

The M9 Pistol is a weapon featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It is the first sidearm issued to the player and features a 12-round magazine, and modest close-range accuracy. It can kill with four-six shots. It has very low recoil and its open iron sights can make it effective in medium range engagements as well.

The April 21st, 2010 patch increased the M9's damage above the MP-443's.



  • In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the M9 was originally going to be able to use both its standard black skin and the Inox (silver) skin, as did the M93R, as evident with the option to do so in the PlayStation 3 beta. It seems that in the end, the Inox model was used to the default M93R model (pictured above).
  • In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the Weapons and Gadgets menu states the M9 is "Equipped with a 15 round staggered magazine. This reflects the early render of the M9, like in the PlayStation 3 and PC betas, where the M9 had a 15-round magazine.


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