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The Barrett Model 98B (Bravo) is a bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum that was first produced in 2008. Based off of a semi-automatic prototype from 1998[1], the 98B was designed as a long range precision weapon in contrast to Barrett's anti-material M82 and M95 .50 BMG rifles. The weapon incorporates a free-floating 27 inch fluted barrel with a locked bolt, allowing the receiver to be made of light-weight polymer.

The 98B was never officially adopted by any military, but saw success as a civilian sporting rifle and reportedly saw unofficial use with special operations units. The 98B would be the basis for Barrett's later MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptable Design) rifle, which superseded it in the civilian market and was adopted by USSOCOM in 2019.[2]

The 98B appears in five games in the Battlefield series, known as the M98B.


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