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The M98B is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4, issued to the Recon kit as the second to last sniper rifle for 34,000 Sniper Rifle score. Notably, the M98B sports the third highest velocity and maximum range of the sniper rifles not including the Railgun. Due to its high velocity, it has little bullet drop, with only the SRR-61 and FY-JS outclassing it in this regard.

Compared to Battlefield 3, the M98B in Battlefield 4 shares similar stats, except it has a slightly slower rate of fire, slightly better hip fire, and twice the magazine capacity at 10 + 1 rounds instead of 5 + 1 rounds.

The M98B is arguably the best sniper rifle in the game for extremely long-range sniping, as its smaller amount of bullet drop as compared to most other sniper rifles gives it an advantage, as does its extremely high muzzle velocity. The addition of a Ballistic Scope can further augment the M98B's long-range capability. However, the M98B's low fire rate of 40 RPM makes it one of the worst sniper rifles in the game for close-quarters or medium-range combat, and it is best kept to long-range engagements.



  • Due to an issue with porting the weapon model over from Battlefield 3, the M98B's upper rail is significantly thicker than most other weapons in the game.