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The MAB 38 (Italian: Moschetto Automatico Beretta Modello 1938) was an Italian submachine gun used during World War II. Introduced in 1938, it primarily equipped the Royal Italian Army but was also used by other members of the Axis Powers such as Germany and Romania. It was developed from the Beretta M1918.

Battlefield V[]

"The MAB38 is a submachine gun used by the Italian military during World War 2. Other countries used it into the 1960s."

— In-game description

The MAB 38 is a weapon introduced into Battlefield V during Tides of War, Trial By Fire for use by the Medic class. It was the reward for the completion of the Week 12 challenges.

The weapon is statistically similar to the MP34, being a moderate rate of fire SMG that trades controllability and extended effective range for a slightly longer time-to-kill at close range. The weapon uses the standard SMG damage model, and is a minimum four bodyshot kill out to 10m. Despite this, the MAB 38 is more suitable for medium range engagements because of its low recoil and rate of fire, although accuracy at distance is ultimately hampered by the low projectile velocity of 345 m/s. Another weakness of the MAB is its standard magazine capacity of 20 rounds, which impairs the weapon's ability to contend with multiple targets. Reload speed is also average, on par with the MP28.

Weapon Specializations for the MAB 38 include a left branch selection of Quick Reload, Polished Action, Extended Magazine and Enhanced Grips. The level three choice increases magazine capacity to 30 rounds, which is nearer the typical capacity of SMGs. The right branch offers High Velocity Bullets, Ported Barrel, Barrel Bedding and Custom Stock. The MAB 38 sees one of the largest percentage increases in muzzle velocity via upgrades, from 345 m/s to 560 m/s. This upgrade path also reduces ADS spread by a third, as well as providing a near 50% reduction in horizontal recoil.