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The MAS-44 and its later variants, the MAS-49 and MAS-49/56

The MAS-44 prototype French semi-automatic rifle and was designed and manufactured by the MAS arms factory. The prototype itself evolved from the MAS-38/39 and MAS-40 rifles and had several variants such as the 44A, 44B, and 44C. Although 50,000 rifles were order in January 1945, only 6,200 rifles were delivered causing the rifle to see limited use during World War II. An updated variant, the MAS-49 was adopted by the French Army in July 1949 to replace the countries older bolt-action rifles. The MAS-49 saw significant use in the later stages of the First Indochina War, as well as during the Algerian War and the Suez Crisis.[1]

Battlefield V

The Modele 1944 is a semi-automatic rifle set to be added to Battlefield V for the Assault kit. First seen in the game files, it will be introduced in Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes


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