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The MAS-44 and its later variants, the MAS-49 and MAS-49/56

The MAS-44 prototype French semi-automatic rifle and was designed and manufactured by the MAS arms factory. The prototype itself evolved from the MAS-38/39 and MAS-40 rifles and had several variants such as the 44A, 44B, and 44C. Although 50,000 rifles were order in January 1945, only 6,200 rifles were delivered causing the rifle to see limited use during World War II. An updated variant, the MAS-49 was adopted by the French Army in July 1949 to replace the countries older bolt-action rifles. The MAS-49 saw significant use in the later stages of the First Indochina War, as well as during the Algerian War and the Suez Crisis.[1]

Battlefield V

"The Modèle 44 was a French secret so well-kept from the German Army that it barely survived. Samples ended up in the hands of partisans. It didn't enter mass production until after the war."

— In-game description

The MAS 44 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It was introduced in the second Tides of War chapter, Lightning Strikes and could be unlocked for the Assault kit by completing the week two challenges. It is currently available for purchase in The Company for 1,700Company Coins Logo BFV.

The MAS 44 is similar in several ways to the array of other semi-automatic rifles in its class due to its initial characteristics - the rifle is a clip-loading, ten-round capacity weapon with a three bodyshot kill damage profile when at close range, and a moderate fire rate of 360 RPM, on par with the Turner SMLE and Gewehr 1-5. The MAS distinguishes itself however in its unique performance at range, as it has the highest default bullet velocity of all in-game weapons at 820 m/s, as well as low damage drop-off that allows the rifle to retain its three-hit killing power out to 50m, beyond which it remains a four shot kill. The MAS 44 can therefore be considered a counterpart to the long-distance orientated Gewehr 43, trading some damage potential at extreme range for improved velocity and rate of fire, which assists the user when engaging moving targets and enemies at close range, respectively. The rifle can be paired with a Medium Range Scope to further aid in target acquisition at distance.

The rifle can utilize Specializations to further increase potency. Notable upgrades in the tree are; Detachable Magazines at rank 3, which greatly improve reload speed and provides +1 capacity; Recoil Buffer at rank 4, which allows the weapon's rate of fire to be used more effectively, and High Velocity Bullets, also at rank 4, which furthers increases projectile velocity to 920 m/s.



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