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The Desert Tech MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) is a modular American bullpup rifle currently under development and set for production in 2016. The MDR is an ambidextrous rifle intended for military and Law Enforcement use, and features a unique forward ejection system for spent shell casings. The MDR has two configurations, the standard variant and a CQC compact variant (MDR-C).

Battlefield HardlineEdit

The MDC is an Assault rifle introduced in Battlefield Hardline: Robbery for the Law Enforcement Operator.

The MDC fires the heavy 7.62×39mm round, giving it high damage but heavy recoil as well.[1]



  • The MDC in Hardline is named after the compact variant of the rifle, but is modeled in-game after the full size MDR model.
  • The rifle is visually modeled with a 20-round 7.62×51mm NATO magazine rather than the 35-round 7.62×39mm magazine claimed.


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