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The Middle Eastern Coalition Special Forces (MECSF) is a special forces unit of the Middle Eastern Coalition that appear in Battlefield 2: Special Forces.

Battlefield 2: Special Forces[]

In Battlefield 2: Special Forces, the MECSF fight against the United States Navy SEALs in covert operations across the middle east; ranging from Lebanon to the Persian Gulf in The War.


The MECSF are a special forces unit of the Middle Eastern Coalition (whether they are one specific country's special forces or multiple countries special forces units working together is unknown). They engage the United States Navy SEALs exclusively and are seen attacking a US Submarine base in the Persian Gulf and attempting to board and gain control of the USS Essex, while defending an intelligence base off the coast of Lebanon.

VS Team Map
Flag of the United States Engagement against US Navy SEALs


Excluding the Special Forces expansion exclusive gadgets such as the Grappling Hook, Zipline etc. the MEC Special Forces are largely similar to the base game MEC with the exception of Assault and Medic; with the Assault losing their GP-30 in exchange for additional Hand Grenades similar to the G3, and their Medic is issued an AK-47 instead of an AK-101.

Appearance wise, MECSF wear desert camouflage with body armor and ski mask. Armored troops (Assault, Support, Engineer and Anti-Tank) wear a light khaki with green shades camouflaged uniforms, black two-hole ski mask and green body armor. While light armor troops (Special Forces, Sniper and Medic) wear a darker shade of khaki with brown spots, dark brown one hole ski mask and black body armor.

Special Forces


The MECSF utilize Russian vehicles like their base game counterpart. They do not utilize Main Battle Tanks.

Light Vehicles[]





Victory/Defeat Themes[]

The MECSF use the same victory and defeat theme as the base game Middle Eastern Coalition.

Theme File Name (File Location) Description
mec_win.ogg Victory theme
mec_loose.ogg [sic] Defeat theme


  • Alongside the US Navy SEALs, the MECSF have a duplicate kit of the Assault, Anti-Tank, Sniper, and Special Forces in the\kits\mecsf file that is only used in the map The Iron Gator, that excludes the use of their Grappling Hooks and Ziplines in their kits.