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A real-life MG34.

The MG34 is a German machine gun designed by Heinrich Vollmer in 1934. It fires 7.92x57mm Mauser ammunition at a rate of approximately 850 rounds per minute. It was often mounted onto vehicles; German tanks would use them as co-axial machine guns. They also found use as anti-air guns due to their extremely high rate of fire. Soviet and French forces captured many during World War II, and through trading, found their way into use by the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese forces.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

In Battlefield Heroes, the MG34 under the name "The Landmaker" is an available weapon for National Army Gunners. It was released as a part of the World War II theme map Inland Invasion like D-Day or Normandy. The weapon itself is basically just another reskin of the "Uber Default MG" with added recoil and better critical hit damage.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2: VietnamEdit

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, the MG34 is mounted on North Vietnamese Army (NVA) vehicles, specifically the GAZ-69 and T-54. It provides a very high rate of fire, of 900 rounds per minute, and as such is very effective against light targets. It is issued specifically to NVA vehicles to be used as an anti-aircraft weapon to counter the U.S. Army UH-1 Iroquois as the NVA lacks its own helicopter.


Battlefield VEdit

"The MG34 was the first of a kind: a portable, air-cooled machine gun with a high rate of fire. Too complex to properly mass-produce, it was later supplanted by the MG42."

— In-game description

The MG 34 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V, first appearing in the Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer used as an infantry weapon. It is unlocked for the Support kit at class rank 1.

The MG 34 is a medium machine gun is one of two medium machine guns currently available, along with the MG 42. Its weapon category cannot be aimed with the sights when not supported by a bipod, and as such is best used from a stationary position in cover or when prone. The MG 34 has the second highest default rate of fire of all machine guns, tied with the FG-42, with a fairly low time to kill, however its default belt size of 50 rounds can be quickly depleted as a result. Its decent control and middling accuracy combined with very low precision in hip fire should further incentivize bipod use.

Specializations for the weapon generally either aim to address ammunition capacity and reduce recoil.


Vehicle Mounted MG 34Edit

The MG 34 is a common passenger weapon on Germany's ground vehicles such as the Sd. Kfz.251 Halftrack and Kubelwagen. Tanks like the Panzer IV and Tiger I also have multiple MG 34s; the driver, with a turret-mounted coaxial, the hull gunner and the top gunner with a pintle mount. The defensive gunners on the Stuka and Ju-88A additionally use MG 34s.

MG 34 TripodEdit

The MG 34 Tripod is a stationary weapon used by Germany in the singleplayer.