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Battlefield 2142Edit


A PAC Type 4 Doragon flying towards an EU MK-1 Titan.

"Appropriating the PAC’s innovative technology, the EU created an analogous MK-1 Titan airship, complete with defensive armaments, protective casing and equipment expulsion procedure. The MK-1 incorporates a handful of western developments, including electric reactive armor base-plating for additional protection against ground-based assaults and combustion-assisted impulse cannons."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The MK-1 Militarized Titan is a large airborne fortress used by the EU in Battlefield 2142 and is among the largest vehicles in the entire Battlefield series (along with its PAC counterpart, the Type-2). It serves as a transport, warship, and mobile operations base.

The build of the MK-1 is rough and angular, similar to the ground vehicles also used by the faction. It stands out as the lone EU vehicle possessing levitation technology.

Infantry wandering the exterior of the MK-1 may find that they have additional paths to the top of the carrier, and a difficult but doable jump from the side bays to the landing deck.

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