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A real-life MP40.

The MP 40 (Maschinenpistole 40, German for "Machine Pistol 40") was the standard Sub-machine gun of the European Axis Forces during World War II. It was designed by Heinrich Vollmer for the German army. The MP 40 is an iconic image from the Second World War; so it often features prominently in war movies.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The MP 40 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1942 and is issued to the Wehrmacht, Afrika Korps, Royal Italian Army and German Elite Forces Medic kits,as well as the Jetpack kit in Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack.

The weapon has a high rate of fire amongst all infantry weapons at 540 rpm, but with a lower damage per shot compared to Assault Rifles available to the Assault kit. It requires four shots to the body to kill at minimum range, and seven at one hundred meters and beyond. Although the MP 40 has low recoil per shot, during sustained firing its high rate of fire can make controlling the weapon difficult, throwing the user's aim up and to the left or right. This, along with high spread deviation with long shots, makes the MP 40 a poor choice for long range engagements, at which the gun is only semi-effective even when fired prone and in bursts or single shots. As with other submachine guns, the MP 40 is, therefore, better suited to close quarters engagements, as well as shooting on the move thanks to its weapon type having the lowest max spread deviation.

When comparing the MP 40 to the allies Thompson, both weapons have identical spread, damage and recoil patterns, and only differ in reload time and magazine capacity, with the MP 40 being slightly faster by 0.5 seconds, and with two more bullets in the magazine. The Thompson, however, surpasses its counterparts in rate of fire, at 600 rpm versus 540 rpm of the MP 40, giving the Thompson a slight edge when up close. The MP 18, MP 40 and Sten SMG are identical in terms of stats and function.


Battlefield VietnamEdit

The MP 40 is a weapon featured in the official Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod, issued to the Imperial Japanese Army's Medic kit. It has a different model and different reload animations from its Battlefield 1942 counterpart, but is very similar in performance and stats.


Battlefield HeroesEdit

While not identified by name, the National Army Submachine guns in Battlefield Heroes are all visually based on the MP 40.

Battlefield VEdit

"The Germans used this gun in great numbers. The Allies called it the "Schmeisser", but the weapon designer Hugo Schmeisser was never involved in its design."

— In-game description

The MP40 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V, first appearing in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer.


Throughout the singleplayer war stories, the MP40 is the general weapon used by enemy German Assault troops. MP40s are also wielded by Peter Müller, Hartmann and Schröder during The Last Tiger.


In Multiplayer, the MP40 is issued to the Medic class, unlocked at Medic rank 4. The weapon is statistically similar to the STEN, with the same damage, rate of fire, magazine and ammunition capacity, with the same available specializations. The main difference over the STEN is the slightly reduced controllability and marginally improved accuracy at range.



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