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"The Germans used this gun in great numbers. The Allies called it the "Schmeisser", but the weapon designer Hugo Schmeisser was never involved in its design."

— In-game description

The MP40 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V, first appearing in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer.


Throughout the singleplayer war stories, the MP40 is the general weapon used by enemy German Assault troops. MP40s are also wielded by various characters throughout the Nordlys and The Last Tiger. Player character Solveig, uses it as a starting weapon in the third act, and is the main weapon used by her and Astrid in cutscenes. Similarly, Peter Müller uses the MP40 as his primary when exiting the tank while the same weapon is used by Hartmann and Schröder during the campaign.


In Multiplayer, the MP40 is issued to the Medic class, unlocked at Medic rank 6. The weapon shares many attributes with the kit's starting weapon, the STEN, including fire rate, magazine capacity, reserve supply and specialization tree. It also possesses similarly light recoil including lower horizontal recoil, at the cost of lower muzzle velocity of 455 m/s. The key strength of the MP40 is its greater base accuracy, coupled with a best-in-class partial reload of 1.96s. This allows the MP40 to rapidly reengage after depleting the magazine, but is offset by a much less impressive 3.33s empty magazine reload. Despite its limited application in very close quarters due to its low rate of fire, the MP40 has considerable reach because of its light recoil, especially when tap-fired, in addition to increased sustainability in gunfights produced by a very short downtime between reloads, with the caveat that magazines must not completely expended.

In terms of specializations, the MP40 lacks any default unlocks unlike its close relation. It has available Quick Reload, Enhanced Grips, Polished Action and Recoil Buffer on its left path, and Quick Aim, Ported Barrel, Barrel Bedding and Custom Stock on the right.



BF5 MP41 Armory.jpg

  • A wooden-stocked variant of the MP40, known as the MP41, could be seen in some of The Armory preview images, but was not available in game as either a Specialization or Customization item.