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The Heckler & Koch MP5K (German: Maschinenpistole 5 Kurz, English: Machine Pistol Model 5 Short) is a 9x19mm German Submachine gun developed in the 1980s. Designed for counter-terrorist and special forces units, the MP5K is a highly compact variant of the MP5, being about half the length of the MP5 and using a 4.5″ barrel. Its small size makes it highly mobile and easily concealable, but also gives it a very short effective range. The MP5K has seen usage with multiple countries and Law Enforcement agencies around the world.

The MP5KA4 variant features the 3 round-burst firemode from the regular MP5. The MP5K-PDW incorporates a side-folding stock and 5″ barrel compatible with quick-change Suppressors.

The MP5K and its variants appear in three entries in the Battlefield series. The MP5KA4 appears in Battlefield Play4Free and Battlefield 3 as the M5K. The MP5K-PDW appears in Battlefield Hardline as the MP5K.

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