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Battlefield 2042

"Chambered for 9mm rounds, the Swiss MP9 short-range submachine gun reigns as the lightest firearm among its competitors."

— In-game description

The MP9 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042. It is unlocked at level 36.

Damage Chart[]

Ammunition types 0-29m 30-39m 40-49m 50-74m 75-99m 100-149m >150m
Close Combat
Close Combat / Extended
Close Combat / Drum
22 18 18 15 13 12 12
Subsonic 22 22 22 18 15 13 12
Standard Issue
Standard Issue / Extended
22 22 18 15 15 13 12



Battlefield 2042 MP9 Factory Factory
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Carbon Compact Carbon Series
MP9 Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Reflex Reflex
Nvidia promotion
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Grim Grim
300 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,750 BFC (Graveyard Shift Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Siren Call Siren Call
300 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,750 BFC (Shapeshifter Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Operation Gemini Operation Gemini
Eleventh Hour Free Battle Pass tier 1
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Venom's Spite Venom's Spite
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 72
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Tier 1 Tier 1
MP9 Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Shredded Shredded
Zero Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 24
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Bleeding Edge Bleeding Edge
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,750 BFC (Yatagara Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Revelation Revelation
Earn 12 ribbons during the first week in Battle of Nordvik playlist
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Smokeless Smokeless
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,400 BFC (Heavy Fuel Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Collective Dose Collective Dose
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,750 BFC (Decaying Elements Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Partition Partition
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,400 BFC (Synthetic Effect Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 MP9 Firelight Firelight
New Dawn Premium Battle Pass tier 0


  • Carbon Series weapon skin was originally called Carbon Compact. This was changed in Update 1 (Season 1).
  • The original description was "The Swiss MP9 is a compact, short range submachine gun chambered for 9mm rounds fed from an extended 30-round magazine.". This was changed in later update.