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The MP-444 "Baghira" pistol is a modern pistol designed in Russia at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant and was built to replace the Makarov handguns. It uses a detachable, box-type, double-column magazine. It also uses 10 or 15 round box magazines and has an effective range of 25 meters.

Battlefield 2[]

"The Russian made MR-444 is a polymer-framed semi-automatic pistol firing 9mm ammunition. It is sold world-wide and well-known for its reliability."

— In-game description

The MR-444 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2, issued as the standard sidearm of the Middle Eastern Coalition, Spetsnaz, MECSF, Rebels, and Insurgents, and comes both with and without a suppressor (The former available only to the Special Forces and Sniper kits). It can kill in about five rounds, has a 15-round magazine, a 300 round-per-minute firecap, and moderate spread. It is identical, statistically, to the 92FS and QSZ-92. However, with Battlefield 2: Special Forces, it becomes the most widely used handgun in the game.



3D Modelling[]


  • The ironsights of this weapon are mis-aligned and are modeled with the front sight at the rear and vice versa.
  • In the game files, this weapon is predominantly referred to as "Baghira" and "MP444" rather than simply as the MR-444.
  • The "MR" in the name of MR-444 is likely a transliteration of the Cyrillic ⟨МР⟩, a misinterpretation of the characters ⟨MP⟩ in the original name MP-444, which stands for "Mechanical Plant" and are rendered in Latin script even in Russian sources.

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