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Not to be confused with the SAR-21

The Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) MTAR-21, or Micro Tavor, is a standalone military weapon used for close quarters combat. It is designated to use the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge and the Indian 5.56x30 cartridge. It is also compatible with the German 9x19mm cartridge. The weapon is renowned around the world for its efficiency in close quarters combat and its ability to use a variety of munitions. It is currently operated as the Micro-Tavor in the IDF and the Zittara in the Indian Military.

An updated variant with a larger trigger guard is designated as the X95. The MTAR-21 appears in Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 2042, while an X95 appears in Battlefield 4.

Battlefield Play4Free[]

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The MTAR-21 appears in Battlefield Play4Free as a buyable weapon for the Engineer class.


Battlefield 3[]

"This bullpup carbine is the ultra-compact version of the Israeli army standard TAR-21 rifle. It features supreme ergonomics and handling due to its 590 mm (23.2 in) length and is intended for use in tighter environments where standard length rifles become cumbersome. As of 2009, it is destined to become the standard rifle of the IDF, and is also seeing success internationally as part of security and police forces."

— Battlelog description

The MTAR-21 is a weapon introduced in the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters expansion and is unlocked upon the completion of the My Own Terminator assignment. It was first seen in the killfeed of the Donya Fortress Gameplay trailer.

The weapon is more suited to very close range engagements, with the highest rate of fire of all the carbines. It suffers from considerable recoil and low damage at range, as well as poor accuracy, limiting its ability to perform at medium ranges. It is very effective as a hip fire weapon at closer ranges, especially if using a laser sight, killing in four shots to the average PDW's five shots. However, it must be noted the longest reload time of any available carbine at 3 seconds if reloaded with a bullet chambered, meaning that players must be highly aware of their surroundings while using this weapon.

Also, it has the second highest bullet velocity of any carbine (the M4A1 having the highest), although the high recoil and poor accuracy prevent it from being effective at long ranges.

Battlefield Premium members may equip the Airman or Woodland Oak camouflages upon the completion of the MTAR-21 Specialist assignment.


Battlefield 4[]

The MTAR-21 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4: China Rising and is available to all classes. It is unlocked for players upon the completion of the Multi Talent assignment.

The MTAR-21 is a close-mid ranged carbine with stats similar to the ACWR, with both functioning as close-medium range shredders. The MTAR is more CQB-oriented than the ACWR, with a slight edge in fire rate and the benefits of carbines and bullpup weapons.

Because of its high fire rate, the MTAR, as mentioned previously, is dominant in the close quarters. Within the first 10 meters or so, it has one of the quickest time-to-kill of all automatics and in its optimal engagement distance of around 10-20 meters, the carbine can still hold its own quite well. With its bullpup orientation, hipfire accuracy and strafing speed while aiming is increased. With a laser mounted, the MTAR can be quite accurate whilst hipfiring, but players should still only do so when necessary (usually within 0-10 meters). Otherwise, aiming is the best way to stay on target.

The MTAR-21 requires a lot of skill to use effectively once a target is barely past 25 meters. Its violent horizontal recoil and spread can throw aim and precision off quickly, meaning that even targets at mid-range can be a struggle if bursting and recoil management isn't practiced. Even so, with the first shot of every burst kicking up the most out of all weapons, 2.6x more than every following shot, it can still be a pain to place shots on target. The MTAR also has a steep damage falloff at long range, taking almost 7 shots to down players at 50 meters. This can sometimes mean that slow-firing DMRs can accurately unload fatal shots before the MTAR-21 can manage to retaliate.

This isn't helped by the fact that the MTAR-21, like all fast-firing weapons, burns through the 30 round magazine extremely quickly. With the fastest rate of fire of the carbines, it is forced to reload almost too often. This usually means that players can safely engage 1-2 opponents in one magazine, but as soon as another appears, they're caught with their load and have to wait a painful 2.35 seconds to reload (2.75 if empty). On other weapons, this is tolerable, but when up close with the MTAR, this will feel like an eternity, likely getting players killed more than other factors. This means that cover needs to be in the back of player's minds most of the time, and while reloading, players should have a good close quarter secondary, like the G18 or the Shorty, on speed dial as soon as they're caught off-guard by an enemy while reloading. Smoke grenades can help provide temporary cover to help.

Attachment-wise, the MTAR can really be set up one of two ways, focusing on accuracy with the Heavy Barrel and Stubby Grip but sacrificing recoil, or minimizing it with an Angled Grip and Compensator, sacrificing accuracy. Depending on the player's recoil control, it can be a mix of the two as well. It's recommended for players who have recently acquired the MTAR to stick with recoil control unless they can handle it. A Suppressor can be attached, but it's up to the player if the lower muzzle velocity is worth it. If close quarters hipfire sounds cool, a laser sight can also help, as long as the player has enough discipline to turn it off when it's not needed. Optics are, as always, up to the player. 1x RDS and Holo sights are fine in the ranges this weapon excels at. Anything more than 1-2x zoom should probably be avoided, since at that magnification, the recoil will massively throw off aim, but it's up to the player whether they want to counter-snipe with a carbine.

Overall, the MTAR is a great weapon in CQB. It is a monster when in its range, picking off a few enemies in a hit-and-run fashion. As soon as it gets a little further out than that, its recoil and spread can really make the weapon uncontrollable and inaccurate. Attachments can help with managing some of the downsides, but it can still feel uncontrollable.

If you don't like the MTAR-21 but still want a fast firing carbine, check out the ACWR and SG553, which have similar fire rates, but are more controllable. If you want an assault rifle that is statistically better in almost everything, check out the AEK-971.


Battlefield 2042[]

"An effective CQB weapon platform, this Israeli bullpup select-fire weapon accomodates a variety of attachments to suit any situation."

— In-game description

The MTAR-21 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in Escalation season. It is available on base game as part of "Vault Weapon" and Battlefield 3 portion of Battlefield Portal. Player can unlock the weapon by obtains 100 kills and assists with A-91 and 25 kills with assault rifles at 25 meters or more. It should be noted that even in the Portal, this weapon still needs to be unlocked before it can be used.

Attachments inherited from BF3 Portal (e.g. Kobra) will be unlocked at default in the 2042 base game, while 2042 attachments still need Mastery progress to unlock. Notice that it does not really have an drum magazine as the HUD icon showed on the right.

For the current version of the game, MTAR-21 is a very aggressive weapon due to its ROF and 28 damage per bullet at close range. However, correspondingly, its damage will significantly decrease with distance, making it more similar to SMG in combat style.


Battlefield 4[]

  • As of December 7, 2013, attaching a Laser/Light Combo will make all other attachments in the Loadout disappear on the weapon preview. This glitch only exists on the Loadout preview and the attachments return when in play.
  • When paint is applied to the MTAR-21, it is similar to the "Spray" type paint. This means that only a few portions of the MTAR have paint applied on while most of the gun is still tan. Other than Desert and the "Flanker" paints, any other camos will look inconsistent to the rest of the gun. Though this does not happen on last-generation consoles, as any paint is applied to the whole gun, allowing for it to cover the whole gun instead of just some parts of it.
  • Unlike the ACE series, which is also of Israeli origin, MTAR-21 unlocks American attachments through kills. Chinese and Russian attachments are unlocked through Battlepacks.