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Maintenance is the act of keeping a vehicle or other machine in top condition. Well-maintained vehicles last longer than average, and may tolerate conditions that a non-maintained vehicle might not withstand.

Battlefield 3[]

"Preventative maintenance procedures improve your vehicle's recovery from damage. This is active while in any seat of the vehicle."

— Battlelog description

Maintenance is a specialization for all vehicles that increases the rate at which armor regeneration occurs. This does not have an effect on Hardcore mode as regeneration is disabled. It is mainly used by the gunner in dedicated tank teams, as it is one of a few specializations that carries over to that seat. Maintenance increases the rate of armor regeneration by 20%.

Battlefield 4[]

"Recovery from damage and critical hits starts sooner."

— Game description

Maintenance is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield 4. It has a similar effect to its counterpart in Battlefield 3. It increases the rate of repair in vehicles that are not disabled.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"Recovery from damage starts sooner."

— Battlelog Description

Maintenance is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield Hardline. It functions in a manner similar to that of past counterparts in other installments, allowing vehicles to recover and repair themselves from damage sooner then normal.

Battlefield V[]

Two variants of the Maintenance vehicle specialization are featured in Battlefield V.

Maintenance Drills[]

Maintenance Drills is available for ground vehicles. It reduces the amount of time it takes to self-repair vehicles by half. However, this also reduces the effectiveness of self-repairing by 50%.

Pineapple Wrench[]

Pineapple Wrench is available for air vehicles. Functioning as an opposite of Maintenance Drills, it instead increases the effectiveness of self-repairing by 50% but takes 25% longer to complete.