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"Slightly lighter than the EU Turcotte Rapid and due to its reinforced polymer stock the Malkov RK-11 SMG (Sub Machine Gun) is equally effective in confined environments, using a high firing rate to ensure multiple impact points. Like its EU counterpart, the Malkov RK-11 suffers a great loss of stopping power at long range."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The Malkov RK-11 SMG is one of two submachine guns featured in Battlefield 2142 (the other being the EU Turcotte Rapid SMG) and is used by the Pan-Asian Coalition. It is effective in confined environments and uses a high fire rate to ensure multiple hits.

It has a high rate of fire, manageable recoil, and high damage in close quarters where it is best used. It has identical stats to the Turcotte Rapid SMG (other than the RK having a slightly lower maximum damage), presumably for balance purposes.

At a medium-long range, the Malkov is extremely ineffective, as the inaccuracy and recoil of the weapon will result in few shots hitting the target. Like its counterpart, the Turcotte, the Malkov is used best for personal defense instead of attacking enemies.

When put up against most other firearms in the game, the Malkov will almost always lose out. However, when at a close range, it can be much more effective, particularly when hip firing. The Malkov is often used by Engineers as a precautionary weapon whilst they get into a position where they can engage and destroy enemy vehicles, as well as set up any mines and similar equipment.


  • The Malkov RK-11 appears to have been inspired by the design of the P90, noted from its bullpup design and top-loaded magazine that fits into the weapon's frame.


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