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Lieutenant Marion Duncan is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War and the Battlefield 4 campaign.


Countdown to War[]

Battlefield 4[]

Duncan is appointed to look after Jin Jié after Kovic brings him and Hannah to the Valkyrie via helicopter from Shanghai, as well as processing refugees brought aboard by Irish. Her voice is first heard in the intro to South China Sea speaking with Garrison about the refugees. She first appears later on in South China Sea, arguing with Hannah about the status of Jin Jié. Throughout the rest of the campaign, she speaks to Garrison about the status of the Valkyrie and her patient in the introductory scenes of missions. She is last seen in Suez tending to Jin Jié alongside Garrison, Hannah and Tombstone squad when the Valkyrie is boarded.


  • Her name is revealed in Countdown to War. In Battlefield 4, she is only referred to as "Doc" in the subtitles.
  • Despite what her uniform depicts, Garrison states that she is a lieutenant.


  1. Based on the player's decision, Hannah or Irish will sacrifice his/herself in order to save the Valkyrie. The player may also let the Chang's warship destroy the Valkyrie, resulting in the death of Pac, Garrison, Jin Jié, and everyone else on board. With the reveal of both Irish and Pac's survival to the year 2042 in the Exodus Short Film for Battlefield 2042, it can be assumed that the canonical ending during Suez is the player picking Hannah, resulting in the survival of the individuals aboard the Valkyrie.