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For the similarly named naval vessel, see Mark V Patrol Boat

A "Male" Mark V tank, with 6-Pounder gun sponsons. The "Female" variant was armed with machine guns in their place.

The Mark V, or codenamed 'Tank' was an armored fighting vehicle pioneered by William Tritton and Walter Gordon.

The first time Mk Is saw action was in the Somme Offensive, during the battle of Battle of Flers-Courcelette. They were initially designed to break the Germans' defensive line, utilising their sponson mounted weapons to fire into the trenches.

The Mk V was the most common variant during the war seeing action in the closing months of the war, especially during the Battle of Hammel.

While they were extremely effective against those dug in, they were also very unreliable; Conditions inside the vehicle could be unbearable as the crew would have to endure vehicle fumes and intense temperatures. They also often broke down and got stuck in deep craters, exposing them to the wrath of artillery.

Battlefield 1


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A Mark V 'male' tank named "Black Bess" is featured in the campaign story "Through Mud and Blood". Compared to loadouts available in multiplayer, Black Bess is sparely equipped with but two cannons and three machine guns.

Though the player assumes the role of its driver, Daniel Edwards, the player effectively controls the entire tank—driving and firing all guns. A single reticle is provided to the player, its target fired upon by the character in best position to do so.

When Edwards is outside of the vehicle, the crew would utilise the machine guns to cover him while he repairs.

In the mission "Steel on Steel", the player has to scavenge parts from captured Mark V tanks to repair Black Bess. Later, a couple of German captured Mark V Landships engage the player in the village of Bourlon. These captured tanks are known as Beutepanzer in German.


"Considered the first tank in modern war, a tracked breakthrough tool. It comes fitted with machine guns and two six-pounder cannons mounted on the side sponsons, to enable the crew to fire into the trench it is crossing."

— In-game description

The Mark V Landship is a tank featured in Battlefield 1. The vehicle can seat a crew of up to 5 (1 driver, 2–4 gunners) depending on the chosen loadout of the Driver. Two passengers each occupy their own sponsons, containing the 6-pounder 57mm gun. They can fire either high explosive or anti-tank rounds depending on variant. Secondary canister shell ammunition is also available. It features three Vehicle Packages: Mortar Package, Squad Support Package, Tank Hunter Tank Package.

The Mark V can effectively engage more than one armored target, with the driver watching the fore and aft of the tank with the gunners covering the right and left flanks of the vehicle. A well-coordinated crew can can concentrate fire on a target directly ahead of them.

Players may enter the tank either from the side, through one of the sponson doors; or from the rear, climbing on top of the vehicle and into the top hatch.

The armor of the Landship is very heavy at the front but the sides and rear are thinner, running the risk of the vehicle's weapon and engines being disabled when hit in those areas. The driver has a limited firing arc with his main weapon while the vehicle is immobile; however, some of the loadouts can instantly repair the vehicle's tracks.

While anti-tank weapons are an effective solution against enemy landships, air attacks are preferred. Attack Planes with the Tank Hunter package and Bombers prove to be a deadly threat if the pilot can aim their bombs and cannons well. However, flying low risks the plane being shot down by the two gunners' main guns.



  • Because the treads wrap entirely around the tank, a Mark V that has somehow managed to be flipped can potentially right itself if terrain allows.[1] It will, however, take constant damage while upside-down, as with most every ground vehicle.
  • The Landship has two machine guns on each sponson, though they are not usable with the Tank Hunter Package.
  • Even though there is an emplacement for the side-mounted machine guns, they do not appear on the outside of the tank, leaving an empty hole with bullets coming out of it. This does not happen with the Tank Hunter Package.