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Markaz Monolith (Persian: مرکز یکپارچه) is a multiplayer map featured in the Aftermath expansion pack for Battlefield 3. It was first seen being revealed on a Battlefield Blog post.

The map is very urban with uneven terrain and buildings, making resemblance to maps such as Strike at Karkand with infantry combat at medium range to small tank battles to snipers on top of buildings. At various points along the highway, makeshift barriers are set up that can be destroyed by vehicles or explosives.

This Aftermath map alone has scout helicopters, allowing positions to be taken on almost all the roofs or even inside normally inaccessible  in the area, along with parachute drops via Radio Beacon.



Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)
Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces
Light vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)


US Base

The US base consist of a junkyard/container yard that leads to the city and is very open, it spawns one M1 Abrams, Phoenix, Rhino and AH-6 Little Bird. Down the highway is Construction Site. A plateau just to the north (out of bounds) provides some protection.

Construction Site

The Construction Site appears tiny when compared by the many damaged buildings, it will spawn one M1 Abrams (it will spawn west near the first right of the street coming from the US base) in an out of bounds place for the RU team under USMC control, and is respectively a counterpart to flag D in many (Spawning on MBT in the out of bounds zone for the opposite team) the capture radius include the courtyard the flag is in and the constructed building included with it, so if the flag is contested it is wise to check in the building just in case the enemy is in there. It's also worth noting one can spawn within the M1 Abrams from the Kit selection screen and can spawn within the vehicle similar to other aerial vehicles.


The Mall is the center of the map and where the map gets it's name. There are five entrances and four floors. The four entrances are located on the first floor while the fifth is located on the second floor via a catwalk. The north and west can be entered by main battle tanks via a small dirt road and the south and east can be flooded by infantry. A Missile launcher emplacement is located at ground level on the eastern entrance.


[Conquest Large] Bridge is an additional flag in the southeast corner, between a partially standing highway overpass and a short street branching off of it. The overpass provides natural cover against rooftop attackers. The main highway leads towards both deployments, giving vehicles vantage upon much of the city. A second highway cuts through the city, winding north to a region west of the Russian Deployment.

Power Station

The Power Station is a small electrical station nearest to the Bank. It spawns a 9M133 Kornet facing Construction Site, or a BGM-71 TOW facing the highway towards Bank. Its capture radius is fairly small. It has a sheet-metal barricade north of it and south is a torn down highway ravaged by earthquakes.


This flag is overlooked by a few tall towers. If under RU control it will spawn a T-90 to the north. The area around the flag itself offers little cover, bar a few mounds of rubble. It also has a large gap in the roof where players could shoot down at attacking/defending players.

RU base

What looked like small houses are now nothing but rubble. The RU spawns on a straight highway that is far less cluttered and isn't ravaged from the earthquake compared to the US side. Bank is to the immediate south. It spawns one Barsuk, Rhino, T-90A and Z-11W.


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Squad Rush

In squad rush the attackers start out from where flag D would be in base game and attack where the monolith would be and the construction yard

Stage 1

The attackers start from the bank (D in conquest) and go to attack the monolith across the street from were B would be in conquest. The M-com is located towards green grates in the center of the building. When the M-Com is destroyed the new M-com is located the construction yard.

Stage 2

The second M-COM is located at the edge of the corner street, in an open area. This can be a bull rush if the defenders aren't prepared enough. About 20 meters north of it is a destroyed bus which can serve as cover.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch takes place between Mall and Construction Site. There are many flanking spots and buildings to ambush people in, and much more cover than the conquest variants of the map.

Squad Deathmatch

Same map layout as TDM.


Uses the TDM layout. The US spawns along the north side, beyond the street next to Mall. The Russians spawn along the south side, in the Construction area.


Set in a pocket of buildings on the north side (US side). A Level 3 weapon spawns beside a building in this corner of the map.
It is located on the second floor of the Mall, at the top of the escalators. It is also near the footbridge crossing over the street to the west. Level 3 weapons spawn on the footbridge, in a second floor ledge, and on the fourth floor following a long jump.
Inside the large building between Mall and Construction Site. A Level 3 weapon spawns in one of the corner shops.
Northwest corner, behind some small buildings. Level 3 weapons spawn on a pile in front of the stores, and next to the small building.
A yard in the southwest corner. A Level 3 weapon spawns in a pocket behind a medium-sized building.

Ammo Crate

The ammo crate is inside the mall complex on the ground floor. It can easily be covered from much of the mall, as well as some long ground paths leading north and west.


  • The tall structure the map is centered around gives this map its name ("markaz" means "center" in Persian).
  • The monolith was a shopping/commercial center, and is known as "Supernova Center" according to the flying banners attached to the building itself. It also appears to be the name of the shopping centre in the single player level Night Shift.
  • A branch of Metropolitan Bank (from the single player campaign) can be found in this map.
  • A pair of red shoes can be found on a rooftop to the east of Flag B. The same pair of shoes are worn by Faith in Mirror's Edge, another game developed by DICE. If a player near the shoes listens very closely, he/she can hear Faith breathing at moderate intervals.
  • The flying ceiling is low (80-100 meters) in order to prevent access to the roof of the Mall in the middle of the map. The roof is also taller than the parachute deploy point for Radio Beacons.


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