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The Maxim machine gun was the world's first recoil-operated machine gun, invented in 1883. Most of the belt-fed heavy machine guns of World War I were derived from the Maxim, such as the British Vickers, the German MG 08 and the Russian Maxim M1910 as seen in the picture.

Battlefield 1[]

The Heavy Machine Gun, named in the game files and the beta as the Maxim MG, features in Battlefield 1 as a static machine gun emplacement that uses the Maxim as its model.

The weapon has unlimited ammunition but will overheat if constantly fired for long enough, forcing the player to stop firing until it cools. The carriage-mounted version of the gun is fitted with a bulletproof gunshield to protect the user, however those fitted with pintle mounts have no shield. The turret has limited traversal, unlike the other emplacements.


The Maxim MG is seen in every level in the campaign, used by both enemies and allies. They are mounted on the ground (with or without shield) or on vehicles. The ground-mounted Maxims can be used by player if the gunner is killed or leaves his position. In Storm of Steel it is used by Hellfighters to defend their positions (one is used by player).


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The Heavy Machine Gun appears in many maps as the emplacement. Maxims are the primary weapon mounted on many lights vehicles, such as Armored Cars and Scout Cars, as well as on M.A.S. Torpedo Boats and Y-Lighters. They also appear as secondary or passenger weapons on heavier vehicles such as the Artillery Truck, Putilov-Garford, Armored Train and Airship L30.