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"Who is my favorite baseball player?"

— McKee, challenging Watanabe for security purposes

McKee is a character featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


McKee was a Marine that was sent along with two squads. He was a part of Bravo squad which also contained Wyatt, Faraday and Owens, on a top secret mission called Operation Aurora. They were supposed to extract a Japanese scientist that had vital information about a Japanese made WMD. After successfully completing his mission and escaping the island via submarine, the Black Weapon is set off. This results in an enormous shockwave, which caused a tidal wave that drowned everyone on board the vessel, including McKee.


McKee seems to be a concerned character, as he remarks the death of Able Squad, and how he is quick to notice that they will not be able to escape the way they came from and how the sub pens are a death trap. He is also the one to reassure the state of the scientist on the submarine, after the action on the island.