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Medals are awards featured in Battlefield V. They are awarded upon completion of specific tasks in either singleplayer or multiplayer. The game currently features a total of 30 available medals.



Medal Name Stage Requirements Reward
Superior Operational Service
  • Capture 100 Objectives
Outstanding Operational Gallantry
  • Perform 250 Offensive Kills
Outstanding Field Gallantry
  • Perform 250 Defensive Kills
Outstanding Explosive Ordnance Deployment
  • Arm 100 Objectives
Outstanding Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Disarm 100 Objectives
Combat Engineer Commendation
Valorous Combat Engineer Service
  • Obtain 250 Fortification Kill Assists
Order of Prospero
  • Construct 2000 Fortifications
  • Obtain 250 Fortification Kill Assists
  • Tow 100 towable objects to fortify capture areas

Combat ServiceEdit

Medal Name Stage Requirements Reward
Superior Service in Reconnaissance
  • Kill 500 Snipers with the Recon class
  • Obtain 5 headshots at 500 meters
  • Kill 250 running enemies with headshots
  • Obtain 250 kills at melee range
Outstanding Marksmanship
  • Obtain 500 headshot kills
Meritorious Covert Operations Gallantry
  • Obtain 250 kills with melee weapons
Anti Material Commendation
  • Destroy 250 vehicles
Order of The Caduceus
  • Revive 250 Teammates
  • Resupply 1000 Teammates
Field Surgery Merit
  • Revive 250 Teammates
Operational Triage Merit
Distinguished Long Service Award
  • Obtain 250 hours of playtime


Medal Name Stage Requirements Reward
Order of Trasimene
  • Obtain 500 kills with sidearms
  • Obtain 250 melee kills
Order of Marius
  • Obtain 1000 kill assists
  • Suppress 250 enemies
  • Obtain 1000 spot assists
  • Perform 250 revives
Order of Cannae
Distinguished Defender's Cross
  • Obtain 500 offensive kills
  • Obtain 500 defensive kills
  • Capture 250 objectives
  • Disarm 500 objectives
  • Arm 500 Objectives
Joint Operations Merit
  • Spawn on squadmates 500 times
Conspicuous Valor Merit
  • Complete 500 squad orders
Fire Support Valor Merit
  • Suppress 250 enemies
Joint Operations Logistics Merit
Field Logistics Merit (Vehicle)
  • Reinforce 250 objectives with towable objects


Medal Name Stage Requirements Reward
Gratitude of Norway
Special Service (North Africa)
Honorable Tirailleur
Freedom Star
Distinguished Intelligence Service
  • Find all Letters in Under No Flag, Nordlys, and Tirailleur