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"On May 30, the fight moves to the Mediterranean as a brand-new map becomes part of the ever-evolving Battlefield V. Prepare for a violent struggle along a beautiful coastline. This is Mercury."

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Mercury is a map introduced in Battlefield V in the third chapter of Tides of War, Trial By Fire. It was released on May 29th 2019,[1] a day earlier than originally planned.[2]

Set during Operation Mercury, the Battle of Crete was fought between May 20th and June 1st, 1941. The map depicts the German airborne assault on the Greek island, which had been garrisoned by the British since the Italian invasion of mainland Greece in October 1940. Dropped en-masse, Fallschirmjäger forces managed to capture Maleme Airfield within the first two days, allowing them to airlift in reinforcements to overwhelm the Allied defensive positions, who subsequently withdrew south, precipitating an evacuation of the island by sea. Despite their victory, the heavy cost of the operation in both men and materiel forbade Germany from the use of large-scale airborne landings for the remainder of the war.


Mercury 23

The map takes place in and around a small fishing village on the northern coast of the island, adjacent to a much larger town outside the map boundary to the west. Pressed between large mountains to the south and gradually sloping towards to beach, the somewhat narrow strip of playable land is nonetheless highly uneven. Laterally, terrain rises and falls sharply, creating depressions and tall ridges that create divisions between points of interest and producing roundabout, violently contorted roadways. The Village itself sits in a deep valley between two high ridges by the water's edge, overlooked by an inaccessible, peaked island in the north bay. Along the coastline are docks facilities for the many fishing vessels sitting out in the bay, as well as coves and tall cliffs, while further inland fruit groves and overgrown, sun-baked stone ruins are scattered between the occasional military installations, which includes a large airfield on the eastern map edge.

The subtropical environment of the island and its mix of white sandy beaches, sapphire seas of the Aegean, lush greenery and abundance of exotic birds makes for a visually varied map, although the scenic island has been tarnished amidst the throes of an airborne invasion. Between the northern peaks, scores of transport aircraft can be seen dropping Fallschirmjäger, while the ground throughout the map is blemished by crumpled orange parachutes, crash-landed assault gliders and downed Ju-52s.

In terms of gameplay, the map's focus on verticality and the division of sectors into high and low ground evokes shades of Guadacanal from Battlefield 1942, Altai Range from Battlefield 4, and Monte Grappa from Battlefield 1.[3] Despite a large portion of the playable area being sea, there are no controllable seagoing vehicles or objectives lying out to sea, although this significant area can be traversed by aircraft.

Flag Layout[]


Control Point Conquest Breakthrough Frontlines Squad Conquest Domination Outpost Rush
German Deployment Flag Germany 1933
Barracks 1A Flag Germany 1933
Artillery Pit 1B Flag Germany 1933
Supply Docks A
Cove A 2A 1B
Poulos House B 2B B 1A
Radar Sites
Village D 3B
D B C 2B
Hillside Outpost D 2A
E 3A A B
Ruins 4A E C
Northern Ruins C 3B
Southern Ruins
B A 3A
Ruins West Flag of the United Kingdom
A, B
British Deployment Flag of the United Kingdom


Conquest is fought between five flags - two lying within the village and three to its west.

The Marina and the Village flags are situated about the cramped quarters of the settlement, promoting close quarters combat, while the remainder of the map body between objectives includes more open sightlines. Two of the western flags of Poulos House and Radar Sites, which sit at the highest elevation atop hills, form a southern axis across the map's length. Here, the varied elevation and exposed terrain can be hazardous to infantry, but can be crossed quickly using vehicles and tanks. Alternatively, players can use less occupied routes further north around the cliff base which have more available cover.

500 respawn tickets are available for both teams. Mercury is notable for its asymmetrical deployment areas and vehicle complement for each side, with the German team having access to an additional aircraft, while the British can field an extra tank. The map's three aircraft resupply stations are situated as follows; one is on a hill on the northern outskirts of the large inaccessible town on the map's western edge; another is on the Airfield runway out of bounds on the eastern side; and one is in the map center on the small island overlooking the Marina.


Flag Germany 1933 Germany
Light vehicle(s)

1 Kettenkrad
2 Kubelwagen


2 Panzer 38T/Panzer IV/Flakpanzer IV/Tiger I/Sturmgeschütz IV

Fixed-wing aircraft

3 Bf 109 G-2/Bf 109 G-6/Stuka B-1/Stuka B-2/Ju-88 A/Ju-88 C

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Light vehicle(s)

1 Kettenkrad
2 Universal Carrier


3 Staghound T17E1/Valentine Mk VIII/Valentine AA Mk I/Churchill Mk VII/Churchill Gun Carrier/Valentine Archer

Fixed-wing aircraft

2 Spitfire Mk VA/Spitfire Mk VB/Mosquito Mk II/Mosquito FB MkVI/Blenheim Mk I/Blenheim Mk IF


German Deployment[]

The Germans deploy of the Airfield by the Supply Docks. The area consists of a barracks building on the quayside, adjacent to the Base Road that carries the team's vehicles uphill towards Poulos House. Players can alternatively head northeast along the beachfront to reach Cove from the coastline. The deployment lacks a team-owned Vehicle Resupply Station, forcing Panzer forces to resupply from a point in neutral map bounds, the nearest being at the Cove flag.

British Deployment[]

The British have two deployment points along the western end of the map. The East Ruins infantry spawn is positioned on the hill overlooking the valley, roughly in line with the Village flag. A Vehicle resupply station is found by the road on the hill apex. The secondary spawn is by the Beach Apartments in a rarely used section of the map, and consists of a number of buildings built directly on the shore to the west of the Marina. This deployment is used to house the majority of the team's light vehicles as well as another vehicle repair station.


A: Cove[]

The Cove consists of a remote beachhead in the northeast corner of the map. The capture zone extends up from boulder-littered shallows past a short strip of rocky beach up to a raised cliff with a crashed glider atop it. The semi-circular cove is bordered by taller cliffs that overlook the area. The steep hillsides block direct line of sight into the capture zone from the higher ground to the south, while the sharply curving cliffs similarly limit sightlines along the beachfront, both from the German spawn at Supply Dock and the coastal route from Marina past the Runoff. However the rock formations within the capture zone only offer directional cover which can be negated by firing down from the cliffs above. In the surf outside the capture zone, a Ju-52 wreck can similarly be used to defend the flag as it places much of the Cove's cover in defilade.

Fortifications can be built on the upper cliff and the western beach exit to provide a more substantial fighting position within the capture point. There are no health or ammo stations nearby, although there is a Vehicle Resupply Station atop the cliffs to the north on the road adjacent to the Olive Groves. Near to this there is also one of the map's few Anti-Aircraft Guns.

B: Poulos House[]

This objective is situated off the Cliffside Road on the southeast corner of the map, on the summit of a hill surrounded by Olive Groves. Formerly the residence of a wealthy family, a large stone and iron fence surrounds the perimeter of the complex, which consists of a single multi-storey house, an adjacent outbuilding near the western cliff edge, and an expansive garden and driveway to the front and rear of the house. The objective offers a dominant high ground position over the surrounding ground due to its placement on the so-called Upper Ridge, particularly the road through Slaughter Gulch between the house and Radar Sites.

The flag is a destruction set piece, as both the structure and the dividing wall can be levelled with explosives. However, the area can be heavily fortified post destruction - virtually every wall can be replaced by a sandbag facsimile, with additional barricades able to be erected in the garden and outside the perimeter, building on the initially confined capture zone. A health station is prebuilt in the passageway between the main house and the outbuilding, while an Ammo station by a truck parked on the northern driveway.

C: Radar Sites[]

The largest capture zone on the map is the Radar Sites, located centrally on a large hill known as the Middle Ridge, along the map's southern axis and marked from afar by a tall radio antenna. The hill summit includes the predominate strategic assets of this sector of the island, consisting of twin radar stations of the same model found on Aerodrome. These structures as well as a nearby barracks building have been constructed on excavated ground, generating a flat and expansive capture zone - essentially a large pit with raised dirt ridges at the edges of the position. This open ground around the site is interspersed with construction equipment such as bulldozers and material supplies, as well as sandbag fighting positions around the base of the northern radar dish, one of which houses a Flak 38. The hill slopes more gently northwards towards the sea, while to the south of the flag is the main road connecting both team's spawns, making this one of the only flags directly connected to the road network and thus easily accessible by tanks and ground transports. South of this is a raised hillock at the foot of the mountain which can be used either to shoot into the exposed capture zone or to bypass the flag entirely.

The area contains pre-built heath and ammo stations next to the north and south dishes, respectively. Both the eastern and western flanks near the hill crest can be built up with cover to protect against long-range attack.

D: Village[]

Of the two flags within the Village area itself, this objective is near the northern end of the settlement by the Upper Village, and is the smallest capture area of the map. The flag encompasses a single detached two-storey villa adjacent to the horseshoe-shaped Village Road, next door to the walled village Square. The flag is likely to induce close-quarters infantry combat within the confines of the house, although the structure can be breached with explosives, exposing those inside to fire from the overlooking ridges of Radar Sites and Ruins.

Health and Ammo can be obtained from the Square to the direct north, while a Flak 38 is positioned by a lone house uphill to the south.

E: Marina[]

The Marina flag is found along the beach at the northern end of the village, at a café frequented by fishermen. Like the Village flag it consists of a single structure of the same size, although the capture area is slightly larger to accommodate a walled patio dining area about the building perimeter. Like the Village flag, the structure can be demolished with explosives, as can the surrounding buildings. Those in the open parts of the capture zone may be vulnerable to fire from the adjacent high ground, as well as from balconies of neighbouring houses that look directly into the flag from the south and east. On the north side of the flag the beach is littered with small boats, while past that is the Marina itself, with a narrow harbour breakwater extending parallel to the beachfront, at the end of which is a Flak 38. This structure can be used to project long-range fire across the bay and potentially catch out players moving out from the Marina objective.

A Vehicle Resupply station is available on the beach directly next to the flag.


In Breakthrough, a German airborne assault on Crete has gained a foothold on the northern coast, preceding a westward drive through British-held lines in an attempt to wrest away their control of the island fortress. The map is divided into four sectors with significant variance in distance and verticality between objectives, requiring teams to adapt their strategy accordingly. However a common theme throughout the map is small sized capture zones centered on a particular structure or landform, which presents a distinct challenge with the relatively high player count of the mode.

The Germans have 200 tickets to achieve victory with.

Sector 1[]

The first sector takes place on the Airfield on the east side of the map. The attackers deploy by the hangars at the eastern end of the runway, while the defenders deploy at the foot of the hill off the western end by the Supply Dock around the German Conquest spawn. The two objectives at this stage are the Barracks on the southwest corner of the Airfield and the Artillery Pit by the northwest corner. Objective A, Barracks, is in line with the hangars by the main road. Its very small capture zone encompasses just two of the barracks buildings seen on Aerodrome, in addition to a yard with a water tower. The structures may be destroyed with explosives or artillery fire, although the area can be reinforced with defensive fortifications. The Artillery Pit is in a crater uphill from the perched coastline, overlooking the Supply Dock. The capture zone is centered on a large pit excavated by nearby bulldozers, requiring players to be in the hole to influence capture. This results in a shortage of cover, especially from the raised ridge of the airstrip to the direct north.

The primary obstacle for the German attackers at this stage is the span of open ground between the objectives. The direct route is across the open tarmac of the airstrip, which aside from some aircraft wrecks is completely devoid of cover, although players can use the closely packed hangar buildings on the southern axis. Players may instead approach from the flanks - either via the grassy hillside overlooking Barracks to the south, or via the beach of the Base Cliffs which runs along the airstrip length up to Artillery Pit. An alternate strategy is to use the many transport vehicles allotted to the team, which includes three Sd. Kfz 251 Halftracks and two Kettenkrads, to charge across the tarmac in the absence of any defender vehicles or emplacements at this stage.

Sector 2[]

With the airfield secured the German assault continues towards the outskirts of the town. The objective set in phase two consists of the Cove on the north coast and Poulos House inland and uphill. The limited approach routes to the Cove, made either along the beach at the foot of the cliffs or by the roadway on the clifftop, can lead to bottlenecks for the attacking team, but defenders face a similar disadvantage if they themselves are pushed from the objective. As the capture zone spans the bottom of the cliffs, players on the summit can effectively overwatch the objective. The Poulos House capture zone is centralized on the manor house, but includes a small area of the gardens about its perimeter. As with Barracks, the concentration of defenders within a cramped structure leaves them vulnerable to demolitions.

The attackers lose the bulk of their light vehicles, being stripped down to a single halftrack and Kettenkrad.

Sector 3[]

The penultimate sector sees a transition in stance to close-quarters urban combat stance as teams enter the town. The two objectives required for capture are the Cafe and the Village, which are roughly the same as their Conquest equivalents. The Cafe flag is orientated on a detached two-storey house on the beachfront, with the capture zone forming the same perimeter as the surrounding garden wall. It is located in the same position as the Conquest objetive of Marina. The Village objective is about 100m to the south of Marina, focusing on a building between the market Square and the edge of town.

The Germans receive two tanks at this stage. The explosive firepower available to these vehicles can be of great benefit in the built-up sector, although the narrow Village streets limit their manoeuvrability within the town leaving them vulnerable to close-in attack.

Sector 4[]

The final sector of this map brings the Germans to the singular objective of Ruins, which is where the British spawn in Conquest. The attackers must climb the hill on the west side of town to reach within striking distance of the flag, while the British are pushed back to Ruins West on the adjacent hill, and must scale the reverse slop to meet them. The objective itself is the largest encountered thus far in terms of capture radius, which is positioned around the oblong foundations on the hill summit, along its western edge. Aside from a number of columns along the center and the collapsed stone walls and light vegetation at its sides, the area is mostly open and devoid of cover - players may be compelled to fight for corner to shelter in within the long, sparse capture area.

The Germans lose access to their armour at this point, while the British are allocated a single tank. Considering the confining terrain of the Ruins and decidedly close-quarters posture of both teams at this stage, such a vehicle may be of limited use.

Squad Conquest[]

Squad Conquest became available on Mercury with the 4.4 patch on September 3rd, 2019. The mode takes place predominately within the Village and Ruins on the west side of the map, with the play area stretching from the shoreline of the Marina to Upper Village, although the roadway about Hillside Outpost is excluded.

Each side has 160 tickets initially, and one tank spawn.


German Deployment[]

The Germans deploy from the hillside overlooking the Village basin from the east, next to the roadway north of Radar Sites. The hill and the road bend provides some obfuscation against enemies potentially occupying the Marina flag directly outside their main base exit, however their spawn protection boundary extends someways along the Beach to the north (including parts of the breakwater) and the hill crest to the south, the latter depositing players by the Upper Village.

British Deployment[]

The British deploy on the Ancient road on the reverse slope of the East Ruins hill. Their spawn protection extends north to include Northern Ruins and a significant portion of the Beachfront, giving the team options when exiting their base.


Mercury 52
Mercury 53
Mercury 54

A: Marina[]

In Squad Conquest the Marina objective is shifted to a building across the street to the east, relative to its regular Conquest position. The capture zone encompasses the lone structure and its immediate territorial surroundings.

B: Square[]

The Square objective is located in the walled-off marketplace towards the south center of the Village. It is marked by stone arches on its north side, and a number of market stalls about its perimeter.

C: Ruins[]

The Ruins objective is located by the road on the southwest hill crest. The capture zone conforms to the small rectangular antechamber enclosed with stone walls and lined with pillars. A Vehicle Repair Station is found directly west of the flag, within the larger ruined foundation.

Team Deathmatch[]

Team Deathmatch takes place within the Village. The play area extends from the waterfront and the Marina back to the elevated house in the Upper Village to the south, with the mountain pass. The road that curves around the village perimeter visually serves as the horizontal boundaries for the map, with players generally unable to scale the cliffs at the valley sides up to Radar Sites and Ruins East, respectively.


Frontlines takes place along the full width of the map from the Airfield to Ruins West. In this lateral tug-of-war, teams will have to overcome significant terrain disadvantages - crossing wide gulches, scaling high cliffs, and dashing over exposed hilltops to reach their objectives - and must do so quickly and with enough concentrated force to sway the fight. The allotment of a single tank to each side may be crucial in shepherding teams across such hostile ground. Another tank and two AT halftracks may be brought in if necessary.

German Headquarters[]

The German Headquarters is on the western end of the Airfield, with the defending team spawning behind the Hangars further to the east. Objective A is an artillery position on the northern coast around the area of Base Cliffs. The dug-in position is isolated across an open stretch of airstrip, but can be easily reached by attackers advancing along the beach at the foot of the cliffs. Objective B is positioned around the Breakthrough objective of Barracks, and as such is located at the intersection between two barracks buildings on the southern edge of the Airfield.

A: Supply Dock[]

The Supply Dock is found in the low ground between Poulos House and the Airfield. It consists of a small harbour used by fishing trawlers, several of which are moored nearby. Along the dockside a number of canvas-covered crates stand beside a single barracks building, which is the focus of the objective. Although the capture radius extends some way along the quayside, granting in-cap concealed positions behind containers or below the adjacent water tower, the lone oblong building does the most in obscuring line of sight between each team. It can be gutted with explosives, opening up the capture zone further.

B: Poulos House[]

Poulos House is separated from Radar Sites by the treacherous Slaughter Gulch, which can impede the advance of the British. The flag itself has a diminutive capture zone concentrated entirely on the manor house, which can be brought down with explosives or shellfire to reduce the defenders' access to cover significantly.

C: Radar Sites[]

The Radar Sites objective is located on the appropriately named Middle Ridge. Its capture zone is slightly shrunken compared to Conquest, excluding the barracks and northern radar dish, now favoring assaults made against the southern side of the hill adjacent to the roadway. The open ground from each sequential objective, and the blind crest opposite sides of the Ridge, can be hazardous for each team.

D: Square[]

The Square objective is at the foot of the Village valley within the center of the settlement. It focuses on a walled market courtyard of around 20m width. As such, the capture zone is highly concentrated with little cover except the hardy perimeter stone walls. Those assaulting the objective should be wary of explosive bombardment from tanks or Squad call-ins, as well as attacks from close range.

E: Ruins[]

The Ruins flag is situated by Ruins East. It is found in a similar location to the final Breakthrough objective of Ruins, as it is concentrated on the largest chamber found on the eastern hilltop. The bordering walls and pillars are the only notable positions of cover, although the half-standing walls can be scaled for a clearer vantage point over the zone and the surrounding area.

British Headquarters[]

The British Headquarters is within Ruins West, separated from the other Ruins hill by a large depression through which runs the Ancient Road. This highly open ground can act as a no-mans-land for attackers, and act as an effective buffer for the British team who spawn out of the way to the northwest by the Beach Apartments. Objective A is on the north side of the position, while B is directly south. The two telegraphs are separated from each other by a mass of ruins.


Domination takes place around the map center, with the play area shifted westwards from its Team Deathmatch arrangement to accommodate the Ruins overlooking the area from the hilltop. Two objectives are within the Ruins area whilst the third is isolated within the Village itself.

A: Square[]

The Square objective is in the middle of the Village, with a capture zone that extends to the four corners of the walled market court. Although positioned on the low ground relative to the two western objectives, a dip in the terrain in addition to the adjacent houses shields those in the capture zone from long-range interception. To the north and south of the capture radius are Health and Ammo stations - aside from a lone ammo station next to Southern Ruins, these are the only such resupply points in the mode.

B: Southern Ruins[]

The Southern Ruins objective is found on the southeastern edge of the hilltop. It has a capture zone focused on a single square enclosure surrounded by large stone walls. A number of pillars stand inside the corners of the area - whilst the outer walls close off the flag from the outside, these pillars are the only modicum of cover within the capture radius itself.

C: Northern Ruins[]

The Northern Ruins objective is located on the north side of the hill. It is concentrated on a partially collapsed tower and the stone partitions at its base. The tower can be climbed on, granting an elevated position over the immediate area surrounding it.


Mercury, along with Arras, was the debut of Outpost introduced in Tides of War, Trial By Fire. It was first playable between the June 13th and 20th, 2019.

Each team is competing to first reach 125 recruits. The map concentrates fighting in the map center by way of five objectives, three of which are found along the central line about the Village valley.


Teams are initially limited to two halftracks and two three-seaters, but gain access to tanks and aircraft as they accrue recruitment points. At 80 tickets, a team reaches its maximum vehicle complement of three tanks and three aircraft. The full range of Squad Reinforcement vehicles can also be called in once the appropriate squad score is reached.


German Deployment[]

The Germans have the option of deploying either at Poulos House or at Cove, with the former being protected by a stationary AA gun and granting easy road access to Radar via a single Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack. The latter spawns two Kubelwagens and another halftrack, and is directly east of the Marina flag.

British Deployment[]

The British team may spawn either at Ruins West or Beachfront. Ruins West is on the opposite side of the Ancient Road from the objective area of Temple at Ruins East, with a single M3 halftrack spawning on the road itself. Further north at their standard Conquest deployment alongside the Beach Apartments is provision for two Universal Carriers and another M3. Between the deployment points by a fork in the Ancient and Village roads is a Flak 38 for defending the base exits.


A: Temple[]

Mercury 01

The Temple radio mast is found by the Domination flag of Southern Ruins, inside a ruined chamber with stone walls surrounding it, just off from the roadside. The indestructible perimeter walls and pillars, as well as its position on the lip of the ridge overlooking the town, gives a significant defensive advantage from long range, but limits line-of-sight within the immediate vicinity and increases vulnerability to flanking, particularly from the north though the ruins themselves.

The objective spawns either a Universal Carrier or Kubelwagen depending on its occupier. An Anti-Aircraft gun can be found to the northwest.

B: Marina[]

Mercury 02

The Marina objective is positioned further eastwards relative to its Conquest placement, now being situated in the walled garden of a house on the northeastern edge of town. It is situated on a raised piece of land halfway up the Middle Ridge cliffs next to a roadway, overlooking the Marina itself below to the west but obscured by the foot of the next cliff step to the southeast.

In Outpost, a fishing trawler is moored alongside the breakwater of the Marina, on the deck of which is a Flak 38. This can be useful for defending both the hillside adjacent to the radiomast or for intercepting players moving towards the objective from Square.

C: Square[]

Mercury 03

The Square objective is situated in the center of town, about a small market square lined with stone walls and arches - in this regard it is similar in layout to Temple. Its position on the low ground in the valley pit means it is exposed to overhead fire from virtually all sides, although the perimeter walls grant some protection.

The flag spawns a three-seater light vehicle, while an AA gun can be found nearby.

D: Hillside Outpost[]

Mercury 04

The Hillside Outpost has no equivalent in any other gamemode on Mercury, and is located in the middle of the length of road between Temple and Radar at the foot of the mountain south of the Village. This Upper Village flag, usually devoid of any obstacles, has been heavily built up with fortifications and modified with a number of thick stone wall partitions. The area is a considerable defensive position that dominates the open road in from either direction, particularly as each approach has a prebuilt HMG and AT gun orientated along them, as well as a centrally located AA gun.

The anti tank emplacements can easily destroy opposing towers at A and E, making this point valuable for long term battles. However, it is weak from an assault from C.

E: Radar[]

Mercury 05

The Radar objective is on the southern end of the Radar Sites flag, effectively replacing the indestructible radiomast found there in other game modes. Like Temple, the objective is somewhat isolated atop a high ridge, but is appreciably more open with only a perimeter of sandbags around the construction equipment piles acting as cover within the objective area.

The flag spawns a single three-seater vehicle.


Rush became playable on Mercury, as well as Rotterdam and Operation Underground, in the second week of Battlefest 2019 between October 10th and 17th, 2019. The mode sees the Germans attempt to sever the British telegraph network along the northern coast of Crete, carrying their attack through three stages of defenses to their artillery in the hills beyond. The battle is characterised by highly restricted map boundaries that forces direct confrontation along a linear front - with this reduced emphasis on flanking comes a lack of vehicular transport to either team.

Sector 1[]

The first sector is based around the eastern section of the coastline, around the Cove - the attacking team having to push westward from the Supply Docks. Objective B is located inside the Cove itself, found in the same position as the Conquest flag on the shorter cliff step overlooking the Beach. Objective A meanwhile is located uphill to the direct south, positioned around the back of a small shack adjacent to the main road in the Olive Groves outside the walls of the Polous House - in other modes, it is the site of a Flak 38 AA gun. The manor itself is off limits to both sides.

The objectives are spread out across an area that is tiered in elevation (particularly around the Cliffs) but relatively flat on the surface. This, combined with only light vegetation and a lack of natural obstacles along the main route of advance, means there is relatively little cover for either side to make use of, although defenders have the inherent advantage of spawning closer to the objectives, thereby having to cross a shorter section of ground. Light cover in the form of sandbags can be emplaced in the immediate area around each objective. With the A telegraph, the high Cliffs overlooking the Cove floor offer excellent vantage points over the objective site, while at B, players can climb uphill, skirting the edges of the manor house walls, and similarly cover the roadway from above.

Sector 2[]

Sector two is located in the Village area, with both telegraphs found towards the settlement's southern end. Map boundaries prevent the attacking force from using the ridge around Radar Sites to flank the objectives, meaning they must assault through the Village from the North Road and the Marina to reach its far side. Objective B is the closest to them, found within the Market of the town's central block. Objective A is further south, behind the lone house on the outskirts of town, known as Upper Village.

Aside from the aforementioned restrictions, attackers have free reign over the Village area from which to make their attack. Along the east flank, there is a roadway running straight from their sector spawn to Objective A, but this is highly exposed. They can instead filter through the town itself, fighting house to house to reach the objectives. Objective A is arguably the hardest of the two to attack, as it has no cover along its main approach. Meanwhile, defenders can watch the site from the building interior, the adjacent groves (where trenches can be dug) and from the overlooking hillside holding the Temple to the northwest.

Sector 3[]

Sector three takes place in the Ruins, uphill from the Village. The two artillery guns targeted for destruction are located on the hill summit and quite close to one another, although separated by several layers of ruined stone walls and foundations that comprise the ancient Temple remains. Objective A is at the southern end of the site in a narrow corridor-like chamber, while Objective B is found near a crashed glider in the vicinity of the Domination flag of Ruins North.

The attackers may climb the hill at any point along its eastern face, making it difficult for defenders to anticipate their approach. Their own sector spawn at the Beach Apartments at the northern foot of the hill is a long way from Objective A, preventing quick counterattacks. While objective B is closer, the obfuscated lines of sight within the ruins allow attackers to approach the objective area undetected until cresting the hill, although a more dispersed defense can negate this somewhat.



  • The map's internal name is MP_Crete.
  • A pod of Bottlenose dolphins can be found on this map. They can be spotted swimming inside the harbour in the German spawn point and along the beach all the way out to the A flag.
  • In Breakthrough, the Cafe capture point in sector 3 was originally mistakenly named as "2450368938". This was fixed in a later patch