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Not to be confused with the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 website, War Room

BFH War Room

The War Room

The War Room (also known as Metagame or Theater of War) is a mini-game featured in Battlefield Heroes. It was first announced on November 11, 2012 and was released on April 18, 2013.

The mini-game introduces strategy elements to the game with actions based on how well a faction performs in matches.


The Metagame is implemented on all servers. The following steps are needed in order to particpate in the mini-game.

  1. Choose a faction.
  2. Choose a friendly territory to attack from.
  3. Choose the territory to attack.
  4. When the territory battle is won/lost, choose a new tile to proceed. You can always switch your tiles, but at cost of lost points for the territory battle itself, resulting in lose of Battle loot.
  5. Once one of the factions has captured the enemy HQ, Battle loot is rewarded to players depending on their Battle Score per day.

Battles are influenced based on the overall score of a faction. This score is the collective number of the individual scores of all players in a faction. Score is obtained during match by performing the following actions:

  • Helping the team
  • Dealing damage
  • Completing gamemode objectives
  • Heroic Moments

How much score influences the current battle depends on the surrounding tiles and the troops on friendly and enemy tiles.

A flanking bonus is also awarded. If more than one territory attacks the same enemy territory, a flanking bonus is put on top of the attack points. The flanking bonus will increase if the enemy faction is heavily surrounded, making it easier to capture the territory.

To prevent the enemy factions from advancing, players can cut off their supply lines by capturing the territories behind them and separating them from their HQ. This will make it very difficult for the enemy to keep up defenses on severed territories. The HQ does not lose its progress even if connection is lost.


Battle loots are rewarded once a single tile battle has concluded. These can include items such as Valor Points, Treasure Chest keys, medals, or a trial to Premium. Battle loots have four levels which can be earned through gaining score on the tile.

Level 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars
Battle score 100> 12000 30000 ~70500*
Battle Loot
20 VP 40 VP 80 VP
5 Supreme Bandages
160 VP
5 Tonics
Battle Loot
50 VP 100 VP
10 Supreme Bandages

200 VP
10 Tonics

400 VP
10 Pocket Tanks

Level Iron Bronze Silver Gold
Avg. score/day + territory bonus 0 ~1000


18500 or higher
Supply Drop 200 VP 300 VP
1 Key
500 VP
2 Keys
1 Day Premium
Supply Drop 500 VP
1 Key
1000 VP
2 Keys
2000 VP
4 Keys
2 Days Premium