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A North Vietnamese MiG-17.

The MiG-17 (NATO reporting name: Fresco) was a Soviet high-subsonic fighter aircraft designed by Mikoyan-Gurevich in early 1950s and produced in the USSR from 1952 and operated by numerous air forces of communist bloc nations in many variants. It was the result of further development of the Korean War-era MiG-15, and was further improved into the MiG-19. It saw most of its combat service during the Vietnam War, where it was used by the North Vietnamese Air Force.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

The MiG-17 is a light attack aircraft featured in Battlefield: Vietnam and operated by the North Vietnamese Army. It serves alongside the MiG-21 and is the NVA equivalent to the American A-7 Corsair II. It is armed with twin-auto cannon with 600 rounds, and carry bombs, which can be dropped 4 per volley. The bombs can be really dangerous if not taken care. Although it is very weak, and can be easily destroyed by heavy machine guns, anti-aircraft cannons and assault rifles, however the latter can take several magazines to do so.



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