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Midnight Mayhem is a map featured in Battlefield Heroes. It was introduced on April 19, 2010 and was the first map to introduce the V2 Vengeance gamemode. The daytime version of the map, Morning Mayhem, was released on July 23, 2012 and introduced the Conquest gamemode.

V2 VengeanceEdit

Notable LocationsEdit

Spawn LedgesEdit

There is one for each side. These spots can see over the entire map and specifically gives a good sighting of the Rocket. There is plenty of cover for a player. There isn't much of a downside.

Church RuinsEdit

Church Ruins is a really good place for the Gunners and Soldiers to fight,but also an advantaging spot for the snipers to spot their pray.




  • During its term on the PTE, Midnight Mayhem had the codename "ruins" and later, "Missile Madness".
  • The Church ruins features four hidden smiley faces.



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