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Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, or MACV, was the United States' unified command structure for all its military forces in South Vietnam during the Vietnam Conflict. It was created on February 2, 1962 in response to military assistance in South Vietnam, due to the threat of an attack from North Vietnam. After the 1973 Paris peace Accords treaty, the US was mandated to pull out all forces from Vietnam. Hence, the MACV was disbanded on March 29th, 1973. They fought against the rising fear of the Viet Cong insurgency and against invasion attempts from North Vietnam.

Components Featured in the Battlefield series[edit | edit source]

  • 5SFG flash.png
    The 5th Special Forces Group is a United States Army Special Forces unit that was activated on September 21, 1961 during the Cold War. During the Vietnam Conflict, the group mostly operated behind enemy lines with either other Special Forces groups or South Vietnamese special forces. They were specialized in combating both regular and irregular units of the Vietnam People's Army, and other communist bloc insurgents. They used unconventional and conventional warfare, and were some of the last soldiers the United States pulled out of Vietnam.

Battlefield Vietnam[edit | edit source]

The MACV fight against the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong.

Engagements against the NVA[edit | edit source]

Engagements against the Viet Cong[edit | edit source]

  • Ho Chi Minh Trail: MACV - Studies and Observations Group vs. Unidentified Viet Cong Forces
  • Cambodian Incursion: MACV - Studies and Observations Group vs. Unidentified Viet Cong Forces

Player kits[edit | edit source]

Assault[edit | edit source]

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Heavy Assault[edit | edit source]

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Engineer[edit | edit source]

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Scout[edit | edit source]

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Vehicles[edit | edit source]

The MACV is issued identical to its US/ARVN counterparts with no unique vehicles.

Tanks[edit | edit source]

Light vehicles[edit | edit source]

Helicopters[edit | edit source]

Emplacement[edit | edit source]

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam[edit | edit source]

The MACV make a small appearance in Bad Company 2: Vietnam when the SOG are mentioned in loading screens for different maps.

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