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"The Germans used Mimoyecques as a base for their new V3, a weapon targeted at England."

— In-game briefing

"It's an idyllic summer day near the French town of Mimoyecques. If the Germans have their way, the silence of this serene setting will soon be shattered by the thundering report of the world's largest gun. The V3, one of Hitler's secret "vengeance weapons" has a barrel 130 meters long and will be capable of hurling a rocket into the centre of London. The gun is being assembled in tunnels dug into a hillside by slave labour, making it a tough target indeed."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

Mimoyecques is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion. It depicts a fictional American amphibious and aerial assault on the Fortress of Mimoyecques, a German bunker system which was built to house V-3 heavy gun emplacements.


Mimoyecques is a Conquest Assault map. The US Army starts out with a small base featuring an airstrip and a few buildings and have to cross a body of water to reach their objectives.

The Wehrmacht forces begin on the other side of the water and control five capturable flags, which they have to defend.


Flag of the United States United States Army
Light vehicle(s)


Medium tank(s)


Heavy tank(s)


Fixed-wing aircraft

F-85 Goblin




40mm Bofors
M2 Browning

Flag Germany 1933 Wehrmacht
Light vehicle(s)


Medium tank(s)

Panzer IV

Heavy tank(s)


Self-propelled artillery

PAK 40

Fixed-wing aircraft



Flak 38



The southernmost Axis control point and the "theme" of the map. A fortified bunker system which contains the Wasserfall missile launcher, three stationary MG 42 and a Flak 38. Next to the bunkers is a spawn for a Flakpanzer, a Panzer IV and a R75. If this is captured by the Allies, there will be two Shermans and a XA42.


The Allied initial uncapturable base at the northern end of the map, divided from the rest of the battlefield by a sea. It features a hangar, a field hospital, an airstrip, defensive emplacements and several vehicles meant for troop transport and air superiority, including the C-47 (which also acts as a mobile spawn point), four landing craft, a F-85 Goblin and the AW-52.


The western flag on the Axis side of the map, facing the sea. It is a largely ruined village which is easily captured, since it features few vehicle spawns and has a beach where American LCVPs can easily land. It spawns two motorcycles (XA42 or R75), an AA gun (Flak 38 or AA_Allies) and two stationary machine guns (MG 42 or Browning) depending on the faction.


The eastern flag on the Axis side of the map, facing the sea. It has a couple of farm buildings and barns. This base spawns another HO-229 fighter (replaced by a Goblin under Allied control), a Flakpanzer (or a Sherman under the Allies), a motorcycle, an AA gun, and two machine guns.


Located at the northwest of the V3 Complex, this control point features a hangar containing a HO-229 (or Goblin), a stationary machine gun, two PAK 40 anti-tank guns and some flak guns (replaced by AA_Allies under Allied control).


The town of Mimoyecques is the central control point of the map. It spawns a Sturmtiger or T95, a machine gun, and two motorcycles.


"A gun capable of shelling London every 12 seconds could cause unimaginable terror and severely damage the troops' morale. The Allies must drop explosives down the V3 air vents to destroy the gun before it becomes operational."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

"The Germans have almost finished a V3 rocket site on the French coast near Mimoyeques[sic], a perfect location from which to bomb Britain. The V3 complex must be destroyed by the U.S. before it becomes operational. A team can win by reducing the opposition's tickets to zero. The U.S. can reduce the German tickets quickly by dropping explosives into the V3 air vents. The Germans can reduce the U.S. tickets gradually by defending and maintaining the V3 air vents."

— Objective Map Briefing

BF1942 Mimoyecques objective

V3 Air Shaft 1, one of three objectives to be destroyed.

The general flag and vehicle layout is the same. The positions of aircraft at the Allied Base have been changed slightly, but the number and types remain the same. The V3 Complex is no longer a control point, and the Axis Airfield is now uncapturable.

The Allies must destroy three objectives around the central bunker of the V3 Complex:

  • V3 Air Shaft 1 to the south,
  • V3 Air Shaft 2 to the east,
  • V3 Air Shaft 3 to the west.

The V3 Air Shafts are located on top of the walls of the trench that surround the central bunker. Each Air Shaft can take 550 points of damage.


"Acting on intelligence information, the Americans launch a crippling air strike on the uncompleted V3 launch site. Still preparing defenses, the Germans aren't prepared for the U.S. invasion and are quickly overrun. Destroying the V3 before it could be directed at London has saved countless British lives."

— American Victory

"After learning of a new German rocket even more devastating than the V2, the Americans quickly launch an attack to destroy it before it's completed. The Germans remain steadfast and with the help of superior technology defend their V3 rocket. Within weeks, Britain is relentlessly bombarded by the most powerful rocket of the war."

— American Defeat

"Knowing an attack is imminent, the Germans establish defensive positions around the nearly completed V3 launch site. The German anti-air capabilities were unlike anything the U.S. had encountered to date, losing dozens of aircraft before calling off the attack. The V3 launch site is completed without hindrance, and will soon be used to terrorize the British people."

— German Victory

"Despite superior technology and defensive positioning, the Germans are overwhelmed by the American assault. They have lost a major technological advantage with the destruction of the V3 launch site."

— German Defeat


It is possible that the objectives were initially intended to involve Defguns. This is evident by the files for the V3 Air Shaft being named Mimoyecques_Cannon and a commented-out section in its Geometries.con file calling for the model Defgun_turret_m1 to be used.