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A miniature grenade is an informal term for a hand grenade smaller than standard issue grenades. Their smaller weight and size allows them to be thrown further than a standard grenade.

Models of grenades depicted as Mini Grenades in the Battlefield series include the V-40 in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 2042 and the M17 Eierhandgranate in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 4[]

"Mini hand grenade that can be thrown further than the standard M67 but with reduced blast yield. 2 of these grenades can be carried."

— Battlelog description

The V40 Mini is a grenade featured in Battlefield 4, and is the first grenade unlocked after the default M67 Frag. Players can carry 2 V40 grenades at a time (3 with the GRENADES specialization).

The V40 Grenade trades off explosive damage for throwing distance, making it useful for long distance throws, although its damage is low compared to other grenades and that its blast radius is only 3 meters wide. When compared to the RGO Impact and M67, the V40 has superior range to both grenades, even at the later two's max distance, but is less liable to kill an enemy after detonating. The RGO is superior for closer engagements due to its impact fuse, and is particularly useful for clearing small rooms, while the M67 has most the killing potential out of the three with a higher damage and larger blast radius. The V40 has the added benefit of resupplying much faster than the M67 or RGO, taking 13 seconds while the other two take 25 seconds.

Patch history[]

The V40 Mini was rebalanced along with the rest of the grenades in Battlefield 4's Fall 2014 update. Originally, players were able to carry 3 V40 grenades by default, which was lowered to 2. The V40's blast radius was also reduced from 7 meters to 6, and its resupply time from an Ammo Box was increased to 13 seconds from 8. These changes were made to reduce grenade spamming, which the V40 in particular was used substantially for prior to the patch, and make grenades more of a situational tool.


Battlefield 1[]

"Mini grenades that can be thrown farther than the standard frag grenade at the cost of some damage."

— In-game description

The Mini Grenade is a grenade option for all infantry kits in Battlefield 1.

As in Battlefield 4, the Mini Grenade flies further than a standard Frag Grenade, but deals less damage.

As of the release of Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass, only one mini grenade is provided.

Battlefield 2042[]

"Anti-personnel grenade that triggers on a delayed timer, exploding across a small area and flushing enemies out of cover."

— In-game description

The Mini Grenade is a throwable gadget featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in New Dawn season. Player can unlock the gadget by reaching tier 10 in the Battle Pass.

Available to all kits. Player can carry up to 3 grenades at a time and can be resupply with Ammo Crate. The Mini Grenade has a smaller blast radius and inflicted less damage than Frag Grenade but can be throw farther.