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"The moon is often hidden by a cloud."

— Misaki Yamashiro

Battlefield V - Elites - Misaki Yamashiro

Battlefield V - Elites - Misaki Yamashiro

Misaki Yamashiro is an Elite available in Battlefield V for the Axis Powers in The Company. She was introduced in Tides of War Chapter 6, Into The Jungle as the Chapter Rank 40 reward.[1].

As with other Elites, Yamashiro will feature a unique best squad animation and an exclusive melee weapon, the Commando Machete. It will be unlocked upon completion of Yamishiro's Special Assignment.


Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

A member of Japan's foremost paratroop force. Highly skilled assault specialist. Focused and unrelenting. Often disappears only to return when her mission is complete. Disciplined. Experienced in jungle and tropical theaters of war.

Despite her young age Misaki acts and displays the skills of a seasoned veteran. Her ability to infiltrate enemy controlled territory is unmatched, and her reputation for overcoming situations where she is outnumbered is renowned.

Special AssignmentEdit

Image Name Description Criteria Reward
Battlefield V Elites Assignments Orange Misaki The moon is often hidden by a cloud.



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