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The Mk 19 in real life.

The Mk 19 40mm Grenade Launcher (commonly referred to as "Mk 19") is a belt fed, blowback operated, air cooled, crew served, fully automatic grenade launcher. It fires 40 mm grenades at a cyclic rate of 325 to 375 rounds per minute, and is notably seen as one of the primary weapons used in the arsenal of the AAV-7A1 AMTRAC.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

The Mk 19 can be seen mounted on the S-26. Its PLA equivalent is the QLZ-87.

Battlefield 3[]

The MK 19 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 3.


The Mk 19 appears in the mission Thunder Run on the turret of a AAV-7A1 AMTRAC that is dropping off Marines as M1A2 Abrams tanks move through the PLR artillery camp. It also appears in Rock and a Hard Place, again on the turret of an AAV-7A1 AMTRAC.


The Mk 19 is used by the AAV-7A1 AMTRAC on Kharg Island, Tehran Highway in Rush, and Noshahr Canals and Wake Island in the Conquest and Rush game modes.

The Mk 19 is used with a 7.62mm Machine-Gun by the gunner of the AAV-7A1 AMTRAC. It is very good at suppressing enemy infantry and destroying enemy buildings and infrastructures while the Machine Gun is often used to kill infantry at close range. The Mk 19 has large effect against vehicles like the T-90A due to its high rate of fire coupled with the AAV-7A1's Reactive Armor and is also very effective against lightly armored vehicles and jeeps.

It is also mounted on the Phoenix in the Aftermath expansion as a turret along with the M2 Browning. It is very powerful taking only 1-2 shots to kill Infantry. Despite this, unlike the one mounted on the AAV-7A1 it offers the operator little to no protection from enemy fire.


Battlefield 4[]

The MK 19 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4, mounted on the AAV-7A1 AMTRAC, and as a part of the Second Assault expansion, It is mounted on the Desert Patrol Vehicle. The weapon is capable of inflicting moderate damage to heavily-armored vehicles, such as MBTs and IFVs and heavy damage, including very effective splash damage.