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Mark 81 bomb IRL

The Mark 81 in real life.

The Mark 81 bomb, abbreviated Mk 81, is a type of general-purpose, unguided bomb. The smallest of the Mark 80 series, it was developed in the 1950s and was used during the Vietnam War, but was quickly discontinued as it was considered too low-power for military purposes. Despite this, derivations, clones, and other members of the Mark 80 series of bombs remain in use throughout the world.

Battlefield 2Edit

The Mk 81 dumbbomb, is a latent vehicle-weapon featured in Battlefield 2 as an armament on several jets, specifically the Eurofighter Typhoon and F-15. It possesses a damage of 350, an explosive force of 20, and an explosive radius of 17 meters. It is statistically identical to the Mk82 bomb which the F-18 uses, and the MEC 250 and MEC 500 bombs which the Middle Eastern Coalition and People's Liberation Army use for their aircraft.