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A Mobile Resupply ability is a Specialization in many installments of the Battlefield series. The ability allows players to resupply nearby teammates with ammunition, similar to the Ammunition Box, when the player is occupying a vehicle.

Battlefield 2142Edit

Advanced Ammo Hub is an upgrade for the Support class in Battlefield 2142.

It increases the rate at which ammunition and supplies are resupplied from the Ammo Hub, and also allows a Support soldier inside a vehicle to resupply infantry outside the vehicle, as well as other vehicles.

Battlefield 4Edit

SUPPLY UNIT is a specialization featured in Battlefield 4 and is the fourth specialization apart of the Indirect Fire Upgrade Path. It causes occupied vehicles to issue additional ammunition to nearby soldiers.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

"Resupplies ammunition of nearby allies."

— In-game description

Mobile Resupply is a vehicle specialization introduced with Battlefield Hardline: Robbery for Scout Helicopters. The specialization allows Scout Helicopters to resupply nearby teammates or occupants.