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The Winchester Model 1885 is a single-shot rifle with a falling-block action. It was principally designed by John Browning. Two popular models were made, the so-called Low Wall which showed an exposed hammer, firing less powerful cartridges, and the so-called High Wall for stronger cartridges whose steel frame covered most of the firing hammer when viewed from the side; but both were officially marketed by Winchester as the Single Shot Rifle. It was produced principally to satisfy the demands of the growing sport of long-range "Match Shooting", which opened at Creedmoor, New York, on June 21, 1872.

Winchester produced nearly 140,000 Single Shot rifles from 1885 to 1920. The falling block action was so strong that the Winchester Company used it to test fire newly created rifle cartridges. To satisfy the needs of the shooting and hunting public, the Model 1885 Single Shot was eventually produced in more calibers than any other Winchester rifle. Winchester also produced a large number of Single Shots in .22 caliber for the US Army as a marksmanship training rifle, the "Winder musket."

In 2005, Winchester reintroduced their famed 1885 Single Shots, labeled the Limited Series. The 21st-century Winchester Single Shot rifles are built with modern technology and steels, enabling them to fire modern smokeless cartridges.

Battlefield Heroes[]

"Kicks like a wild horse when fired, but makes a mess to those who stand in it’s way."

— In-game Description

Blanco's Bullseye and Alberto's Asesino are weapons featured in Battlefield Heroes for the Royal and National armies. Available for the Commando kit, they were introduced in the Desperados bundle on May 16, 2012.