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The Smith & Wesson Model 27 is a large-frame revolver of American origin, first produced in 1935. It is the first production firearm to chamber the powerful .357 cartridge, and was available in 3​1⁄2", 4", 5", 6" or 8​3⁄8 inch barrel lengths.

Battlefield V[]

"Utilized by several law enforcement agencies in the United States before the war it remained popular due to its renowned reliability and effectiveness at longer ranges than other pistols."

— In-game description

The Model 27 is a weapon introduced into Battlefield V in the War in the Pacific chapter of Tides of War. It was the reward for achieving chapter rank 30, and is now available for purchase in The Company for 900Company Coins Logo BFV.

Its magnum load and long barrel give it the best damage profile and highest muzzle velocity of all sidearms. It has a higher maximum and minimum damage compared to the only other revolver in-game, the Mk VI Revolver, as well as better damage retention over distance, capable of killing in two body shots or a single headshot out to 30m. However, the weapon suffers from a lower rate of fire and stronger recoil.



  • The Model 27 was originally to debut in Chapter Four: Defying the Odds, available within the cancelled 5v5 competitive gamemode as a weapon used by the Raid Captain class.