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The Ithaca Model 37 is an American pump-action shotgun manufactured by the Ithaca Gun Company. First produced in 1937, the Model 37 is one of the oldest shotgun designs still in production today. Unlike most shotguns, shells are loaded and ejected from the same port in the receiver, making the weapon popular with left-handed shooters. The Model 37 saw use by the US military in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, and has also been used by several American Law Enforcement agencies.

The Model 37 Stakeout variant is a shortened version of the Model 37 with a pistol grip and no stock intended for Law Enforcement use. The Model 37 Trench Gun is a variant of the Model 37 equipped with a Bayonet lug and heat shield, based off the configuration used during World War II.

The Model 37 appears in two games in the Battlefield series. A customized Model 37 Stakeout appears in Battlefield Hardline, while the standard Model 37 as well as the Trench Gun variant appear in Battlefield V.