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The Remington Model 870 is an American 12-gauge pump-action shotgun designed by Remington in 1951. Originally developed as a civilian hunting shotgun, the 870 would go on to become an extremely popular model of shotgun around the world and see adoption by various military and security forces. The United States military would adopt it in 1966, leading it to see action during the Vietnam War

The 870MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun) is a modern tactical variant of the Model 870 in service with the United States Marine Corps. The MCS uses a pistol grip and incorporates several detachable components, including barrels, buttstocks, and tube magazine extensions. The 870 Police Marine Magnum is a variant designed for Law Enforcement use, featuring a nickel finish and stronger internal parts compared to civilian 870 models. The Hawk 982 and Hawk Type-97 shotguns are Chinese copies of the 870 produced by arms manufacturer Norinco.

Variants of the Model 870 appear in eight games in the Battlefield series. Standard variants of the 870 appear in Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam and Battlefield Play4Free as the 870 Combat, the 870 Police Marine Magnum appears as the 870P Magnum in Battlefield Hardline, and the 870MCS appears in all other entries. The M11-87 seen in Battlefield 2 is modeled after a standard Model 870.

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