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The 870 MCS is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


The 870 MCS is unlocked by completing the Bronze assignment in Suez by scoring 3,000 points. It is equipped with Iron Sights, no accessories, Compensator and 12 Gauge Buckshot. It features a Worm Woodland finish.


It is the second shotgun unlocked, after the QBS-09, requiring 4,000 Shotgun Score to unlock. It shoots 19 pellets, thus being the second highest damaging shotgun after the Hawk 12G, which shoots 21 pellets. It is a pump-action shotgun and has a 7 + 1 capacity. It unlocks the US attachments, while the Russian and Chinese attachments can be attained through Battlepacks.



  • The 870's weapon icon displays it with a shell saddle mounted to the reciever, yet no such accessory is actually present on the weapon.