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"The 870 Modular Combat Shotgun is rugged, powerful shotgun ideal in CQB (close quarter battle) where breaching and stopping power is critical. The 870 can be configured multi-mission roles allowing various ammunition configurations."

— In-game Description

The 870 Combat is a weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free that can be bought through the in-game store at the cost of 999 P4F Funds for unlimited use or 400 PF4 Credits per day.

It comes with an 8-round tube magazine and provides effective close range firepower, usually resulting in a 1-shot kill at very close range, though its performance quickly deteriorates at longer ranges. It also has usable iron sights and does actually exactly the same damage as the standard SPAS-12 with the same rate of fire, but costs less than the latter, lending to personal preference between these guns.

The 870 Combat BF3 Edition was given to players who pre-ordered Battlefield 3 through the EA Store. It is statistically identical, but has a different visual finish.