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"Recker, right? "Molina's Hot Pockets"—my dad's place. Best chicken empanadas in the city. Take your squad there when this is over."

— Molina to Recker.

Molina is a US Marine in Battlefield 4. He is under command of Major Greenland. He was in charge of an observation post and several Marines in Tashgar, western China at the time of Tombstone's arrival.


In his dialogue with Irish, he states his brother went to Westinghouse High School, Brooklyn and his father owns a restaurant in Brownsville.


Two days after Tombstone escaped imprisonment in Kunlun Mountains, Molina and two other Marines were preparing to withdraw from their observation post, located inside an old garage. They are in the middle of destroying sensitive documents and packing up their equipment when they are interrupted by Tombstone, who pull up outside in a Technical while trying to hide from a Russian armored patrol. Recognizing Recker as a Marine, Molina and his men quickly escort them inside, shutting the door behind them.

Initially wary of Tombstone after nearly blowing their cover, Molina soon begins to trust them after learning Irish grew up in his hometown of Brooklyn, and briefs them about the situation in Tashgar. Hannah asks him for transport west, and Molina points them towards Major Greenland, his commanding officer, and radios ahead about Tombstone's arrival. After bidding farewell to the squad, Molina instructs his Marines to finish up burning the documents so they can "disappear".


  • When Tombstone is about to leave his outpost, he tells Recker to take his squad to his father's restaurant, "Molina's Hot Pockets," in New York City. He further adds that it has the "best chicken empanadas in the city".
  • Molina's Marines in his observation post seem to be an Engineer and an Assault trooper. They also have a Growler ITV parked inside the house.
  • His outfit is consistent with that of the USMC Recon of Battlefield 4.