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"In the early years of 2145, Earth was freezing rapidly. All remaining warm zones on the planet became heated battlegrounds. The most explosive battle of all was focused in the Hawaiian islands. Known for their lush environments, the islands have now turned mostly to large pieces of rock. It is here on the Rock of Molokai that will experience the largest engagement of the entire conflict..."

— Loading screen description

Molokai is a map featured in Battlefield 2142 and was added in Patch 1.51. It is only playable in Titan mode. It features an abandoned city on the island of Molokai in the Pacific Ocean, with vehicles taking a dominating role.


EU Flag1 EU
Light vehicle(s)

MK-15 Bandit

Infantry fighting vehicle(s)

AMV-2 Groundhog

Main battle tank(s)

A-8 Tiger

Battle walker(s)

L5 Riesig

VTOL aircraft

UD-6 Talon
UD-12 Shepherd


Rorsch Mk-S8
Rorsch Kz-27

Light vehicle(s)

UAZ-8 Ocelot

Infantry fighting vehicle(s)

BTR-4 Romanov

Main battle tank(s)

Type 32 Nekomata

Battle walker(s)

T-39 Bogatyr

VTOL aircraft

Type 4 Doragon
BTR-20 Yastreb


Rorsch Mk-S8
Rorsch Kz-27

General OverviewEdit

EU TitanEdit

The EU Titan sits on the northern end of the island. A UD-6 Talon and UD-12 Shepherd spawn within the Titan hangar, while a pair of L5 Riesigs and a pair AMV-2 Groundhogs spawn on the field below. A Rorsch Mk-S8 and the EU commander assets spawn in the area surrounding the Titan.

Silo 1Edit

Located at the center of the island, this silo sits in the shadow of a large building that offers cover to defenders and attackers alike. Once captured, a Rorsch Kz-27 spawns on top of the building and a Rorsch Mk-S8 spawn northwest along the road. Attackers should be wary of possible Recon soldiers that may reside on top of the tower, and should seek cover while approaching the silo.

Silo 2Edit

On the islands southern edge, Silo 2 lies on the plaza of a large office building. A tank and FAV will spawn when this silo is captured, as well as two Rorsch Kz-27's and a Rorsch Mk-S8 that spawns along the road.

Silo 3Edit

Silo 3 sits to the south of the EU Titan and is only accessible on foot. A line of bunkers along the southern edge of the base offers cover to attackers and defenders of this silo, which spawns two Rorsch Kz-27's and two Rorsch Mk-S8's that cover the base's southern flank. An FAV will also spawn when this silo is captured.

Silo 4Edit

Silo 4 resides inside a toll plaza along the road between the EU Titan and Silo 5. An APC and FAV spawn to the east, while a Rorsch Mk-S8 spawns to the west.

Silo 5Edit

Located north of the PAC Titan, this base sits outside a large building. A Rorsch Kz-27 and Rorsch Mk-S8 spawn around the base, while an APC and FAV spawn along another building to the east.

PAC TitanEdit

Similar to the EU Titan, the PAC Titan spawns along the islands southwestern shore. Two T-39 Bogatyrs and two BTR-4 Romanovs spawn under the Titan, while a Type 4 Doragon and BTR-20 Yastreb spawn in the Titan's hangar. The PAC team's commander assets spawn on the ground near the Titan as well.

Commander AssetsEdit


The EU's commander assets are located on the northern end of the island, underneath the titan.


The PAC's commander assets lie underneath their Titan on the southern end of the island.

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