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The Money Pile, also known as a Vault is an objective featured in the Blood Money and Heist gamemodes in Battlefield Hardline.

Blood MoneyEdit

Money piles are the center point of the gamemode, requiring players to acquire money from the central money pile and deposit it in their own respective vaults. They may also steal money from the other team's vault, provided it is filled.

Players may collect a maximum of ten pieces of cash at once with one-hundred and fifty pieces of cash being the threshold to win the match. Those who obtain cash from money piles will receive a money filled duffle bag on their backs. Upon death, however, the cash will be dropped and available for pick up.


Vaults are the central objectives of the first stage of the gamemode. The Criminals are tasked with breaking into a fortification or vault located on the map with Breaching Charges. Upon successful entry into the vault, there will be two money bag piles available for pickup. Once obtained, the Criminals must take the money bags to the extraction point to be picked up via helicopter.


Blood MoneyEdit

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