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Monte Cassino (Italian: Montecassino) is a map in Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome.


This map features the Free French against Germany. This map isn't popular because it is nearly impossible to take the hill and win as the Free French and it's an uphill battle.

Available to Germany are light tanks, heavy tanks, mobile artillery and stationary cannons, which are quite useful against the French.


In addition to the vehicles that spawn at each base, there are several stationary MG 42 and PAK 40 scattered across the map, but not tied to any control point. They will not respawn upon destruction.


The village[]

The French uncapturable base to the north of the river. It spawns two M3 Grant, two Priests and an M10.

Lines of defense[]

Crossing the river, and before reaching the monastery, the French soldier will need to pass through three German lines of defense. These spawn no unique vehicles.

The monastery entrance[]

A German control point that spawns no unique vehicles. To capture this flag, one needs to enter the monastery and find a way to climb up the walls.

The monastery[]

The German main base which can be captured by French forces. It spawns a Wespe and a Sturmgeschutz outside the monastery.

As with the monastery entrance control point, one needs to find a way to climb up the walls to capture this flag.


"The Germans were doomed before this battle began. The fury and courage of the Allied troops came as a complete shock to the enemy. They were not prepared to defend against such a swift and punishing attack. The Allies came up the slope and penetrated the monastery so quickly that the Germans didn't even have enough time to sound out. Although the Allies suffered heavy losses, the Italian campaign is near its end. With this defeat and losses elsewhere, the collapse of the German war machine is near."

— French Victory

"Unfortunately, the Germans proved to be too strong and the monastery too fortified a position for the Allies. The Germans had the advantage of the high ground and used it for all it was worth, bombarding any Allied push with a rain of steel and fire. Thousands of Allied soldiers were lost trying to take the hill, and although it sometimes looked as if the day would turn in the Allies' favor, it never did. The enemy retains control of the peninsula, and liberation of Italy now seems hopeless."

— French Defeat

"Berlin sends its gratitude. The line has held and the ravaged Allied forces are retreating to the countryside. The monastery provided an effective shelter that rendered all assaults futile. While the enemies limped home in defeat, the pride of the Fatherland has been restored at Monte Cassino. This victory has dealt a severe blow to the Allies and allowed the Germans to keep its ironclad grip on Italy."

— German Victory

"The Allied forces ripped through Germany's defenses at Monte Cassino, leaving the Germans stunned and in disbelief at their defeat. Regardless of how long they held the monastery and how well they held it, it was eventually a lost cause. And with this loss, control of Italy and eventually that of southern Europe leaves with it. World domination is slipping from Berlin's grasp as surely as German forces lost this key battle."

— German Defeat