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"Take part in one of the final battles among the peaks of kings in the Venetian Alps. High up above the clouds a desperate fight for control of mountain forts are challenging even the toughest soldiers. Utilise the massive fort cannons to stop the advancing enemies as they scale the mountainside. Up here, in this furious struggle, the Austro Hungarian Empire holds the upper hand, but the Italian Army won't stop until they've taken back what's theirs."

— Official website description

Monte Grappa is a map which appears in Battlefield 1.[1] The map is set in the final Italian offensive of the Battle of Vittorio Veneto during the Third Battle of Monte Grappa, where Italian forces attack the Austro-Hungarian defenses in 1918.


Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces meet at an Alpine pass, fighting at multiple elevations between gigantic peaks as the map boundaries follow the long, thin passageway created by the valley. In the lower valley, a single main road winds vertically from each end, connecting to crofts and isolated rural chalets built amongst the rolling hills, rocky ravines and pine groves of the passage floor. The road runs through a tunnel in the map center that passes through the foot of the mountains. To the west are steep mountain faces carpeted by boulders and stony crags of dull grey and beige, between which run haphazard hiking trails. Atop the western mountains are concrete underground gun positions that house fortress guns that dominate the main thoroughfare. These guns, as well as the outlying settlements of the valley floor, are heavily fortified with trenches, log shelters and barbed wire that create a unique looking version of no-man's-land. Atop a scarred hill at the southern end of the valley stands the formidable fortress of Ferro.


The Behemoth of this map is the Airship L30. Compared to its loft high above St. Quentin Scar, the Airship is closer to ground at some points and easily overflown.

Control PointsEdit


Control Point Conquest Domination Rush Operations Frontlines
Italian Deployment BF1 Kingdom of Italy Icon
San Rocco Church BF1 Kingdom of Italy Icon
BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 BF1 Pilot Icon 3
BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 BF1 Pilot Icon 2 • BF1 Pilot Icon 2
BF1 Kingdom of Italy Icon
Girardi's Stable A BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 1A
Girardi's Lower Cottage 2A A
Hillside B
San Rocco Turret B BF1 Pilot IconBF1 Sentry Icon 2A
3B C
Seren Gallery/Mountain Pass C 3A
BF1 Light Armor Icon
Mocheni Turret D BF1 Pilot IconBF1 Sentry Icon 3A
4B E
Luca's Cottage E BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 4A
Luca's Stable 4C F
Mocheni Supply Bunker 5A
5A G
Matteo's Bridge BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon
BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 BF1 Pilot Icon 3
Ferro Fortress A 6A
6A BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon
Gallery Entrance B
Cecchini Trenches C
Austro-Hungarian Deployment BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon


Monte Grappa's five flags are arranged in a staggered line. Three are in the valley, and the two fortress guns are the remaining objectives. Each team is provided with two heavy armor, with each of the deployments and lower flags spawning a motorcycle for fast transport along the valley roads. Although both vehicle's hill climbing ability is limited, it is possible for tanks to reach the summits housing the Fortress Guns and lend support in the mostly infantry focused engagements. Additional armored vehicles can be deployed from the two outer valley flags. The abundance of aircraft, with three available from deployment and an additional two provided by the hilltop objectives give the map a particular emphasis on air power. Teams that dominate the high ground can achieve air superiority, using their material advantage to support assaults against other objectives. The strong air presence is countered by a large number of anti-aircraft guns scattered across the map.


BF1 Kingdom of Italy Icon Kingdom of Italy
Light vehicle(s)

2 MC 18J Sidecar

Main battle tank(s)

2 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck/St Chamond/Putilov-Garford

Fixed-wing aircraft

2 SPAD S.XIII/Bristol F2.B/Caproni Ca.5/Ilya-Muromets

BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon Austro-Hungarian Empire
Light vehicle(s)

2 MC 3.5HP Sidecar

Main battle tank(s)

2 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck/St Chamond/Putilov-Garford

Fixed-wing aircraft

2 Albatros D.III/Rumpler C.I/Hansa-Brandenburg G.I/Ilya-Muromets


Italian DeploymentEdit

The Italians at the north end of the map, in the trench-crossed graveyard behind the San Rocco Church. A road can be followed for less than 100m south to Girardi's Stable. A machine gun is set up in the southern corner of the church perimeter, watching the main road, while two QF 1 AA guns are also found alongside the road to the northeast and southeast.

Austro-Hungarian DeploymentEdit

The Austrians deploy from the south side, around Matteo's Bridge on the approach to Ferro Fortress. They too have a road leading in towards the map center, which passes the nearest objective of Luca's Cottage on the west side. Of the two QF 1 AA guns found in their spawn, one is on the south end of the bridge while another is on the other side to the northeast, in the fortifications around Mocheni Supply Bunker.


Girardi's StableEdit

Girardi's Stable is found at the north extreme of the main road. The location consists of two buildings that sit astride the road, separated from one another in a clearing bordered by dry stone walls and sections of wooden fence. The oblong stable building on the south side in the only of the pair to fall within the capture zone, which extends across the road and to the lip of the slope the buildings sit on to the east. The stable is the lowest objective in Conquest in terms of elevation, and is overlooked by the high cliffs to the west. The area is vulnerable to bombardment from the Fortress Gun atop San Rocco, which can rip the structures here to pieces in several well-placed salvos, stripping the objective of the majority of its cover.

A motorcycle spawns at this objective, which provides a forward tank spawn for the Italians when it is held by their team. A QF 1 AA gun is located nearby, deeper into the valley to the east near the neighbouring structures of Girardi's Lower Cottage.

San Rocco TurretEdit

On the summit of San Rocco stands the San Rocco turret, one of two fortified artillery positions atop the mountains of the map's west partition. The objective structure is built upon a relatively flat expanse of ground, bordered by sheer drops to the north and east and overlooked by high rocky crags to the west and south. The position itself features an outer defensive line of trenches and log bunkers at the hill crest, as well as a shorter, inner belt in place to protect the two entrances to the underground concrete strongpoint that houses the Fortress Gun, located in a small roughly square chamber with locking steel doors. The cannons can be very useful in defending the flag due to their near 360° rotation, although the flag cannot be seized from the underground bunker, forcing players to either return to the surface or risk getting trapped inside.

Aside from the Fortress Gun, a QF 1 AA will appear outside across a footpath leading uphill into the area from the southeast. The path connects to the southern entrance into the artillery bunker. Taking this flag will provide an additional plane spawn for their team. A Sentry kit is located inside the bunker.

Mountain PassEdit

A large tunnel bored into the mountainside, in the direct center of the map, allows the main road to continue uninterrupted from vertical end to end. Known as Seren Gallery in other gamemode, the Mountain Pass expands a bit in from the tunnel entrances to house concrete galleries on either side of the main road. On the west side are the generators for the electrical lighting, tucked underneath archways out of sight from the main drag. Opposite them on the east side are gallery rooms used for the storage of munitions, with the main room having three locking doors. Two of these connect to the central tunnel, with the third joining a smaller foot tunnel leading out of the complex to the east. The main road gives a very long sight line into this objective, with lighting differences often favoring those attacking from outside. However, players must be inside the either the tunnel or gallery to capture it, and the side areas allow the ambushing of enemies attacking the flag from one of the few egress points. The cramped interior of the tunnel gives larger vehicles very limited room to manoeuvre, making them especially vulnerable inside the capture zone.

A sidecar motorcycle spawns near the generators when the flag is captured.

Mocheni TurretEdit

Detached and hidden from the abutting gun positions on San Rocco by a jagged, boulder-strewn rise to the north is the Mocheni Turret, a similar fortified location of trenches surrounding an underground bunker. The area is much more expansive and features more undulating terrain than San Rocco, with strong, stone-walled earthworks watching the trails to the summit from the north and south. In the middle of the position near the east edge of the mountain top is the Fortress Gun, below which is a concrete shelter with two entrances. The interior layout is slightly more complex, with multiple corners, stairwells and double locking doors offering more chokepoints and hiding places than at the San Rocco Turret. However, similar to San Rocco the position can only be captured from the surface.

The objective's QF 1 AA gun is found near the Fortress Gun battery on the northeastern edge of the position. Another plane spawn is provided by this objective's capture, and a Sentry kit is found outside the bunker's northwest entrance.

Luca's CottageEdit

Luca's Cottage is based in the south end of the valley, atop a low ridge branching off from the main road a short distance east. The ridge overlookings the low ground to the northeast and south, including the meadows leading up from the Austro-Hungarian spawn and the pine-lined trail that follows beside the main route towards Seren. A single bungalow sits in a clearing on the west side, close to the road, which is bordered to the east by a small network of trenches and a redoubt for lookout, that climbs the hill on the edge of the valley to the east. The capture zone is mostly concentrated on the west side, reaching out only a short distance into the trench line adjacent. Like Girardi's Stable, the area is in range of artillery attack directed from Mocheni Turret.

A motorcycle spawns in the area, and tanks of the Austro-Hungarian team can deploy from the flag once they've taken it. A QF 1 AA is found in a gunpit on the southeast edge of the associated trench network. The high walls of the pit protect the gunner from counter-bombardment but limit their view and range of fire.


Monte Grappa is the first map in Iron Walls in Operations. It portrays an Italian assault upon the Ferro Fortress at the end of the map. The Royal Italian Army must attack along a road up the valley, occasionally clearing bunkers on its flanks. Air support includes the Airship, appearing if the first and second waves are unsuccessful.

Sector 1Edit

The first sector has one objective: the Church of San Rocco. The capture zone extends significantly outside of the church building on the attackers' side, making a contested capture possible without entering the structure itself. The location is comprised of a amall church with trench lines cut into its graveyard and around northern flank. The ground floor is split into two wings on either side of a main corridor, with staircases leading to the rafters above the wings, providing an elevated firing position against the ground level interior. A ladder gives access to the destroyed bell tower, revealing a platform for additional exterior defense.

The Italians begin the match with a Flame Trooper, two tanks and two planes, while the Austrians receive only the pair of planes and must initially rely solely on infantry gear to engage the tanks. If the Italian tanks push past to the south face of the church, they may fall prey to the field guns at Girardi's Cottage and Stable.

Sector 2Edit

The second sector of Girardi's Homestead has two objectives. The first is (A) Girardi's Lower Cottage, a small building near the edge of the cliff. The second is (B) Girardi's Stable, a pair of buildings near the road. Both objectives have a QF 1pdr AA emplacement and a FK 96 Field Gun. Between the two objectives is a Maxim Machine Gun nest, and another Maxim MG is present at Girardi's Stable. The Italians must rely on assistance from their supporting armor and aircraft to cross the open ground of the valley floor.

A Sentry kit is made available to the Italians.

Sector 3Edit

Valle Di Seren, the third sector, has two objectives. The first is (A) the Seren Gallery, a mountain tunnel and storehouse on the main road. The second is (B) the San Rocco Turret, a fortified bunker complex high on the mountain. The San Rocco Turret's capture zone includes the area on top of the bunker, allowing capture even if the bunker has not been cleared. It also has an eponymous Fortress Gun, as well as another AA emplacement and a Maxim MG in the trenches to the Northwest. The Seren Gallery is only defended by a FK 96 Field Gun, but requires the attacking team to be in the tunnel in order to capture it.

At the Valle Di Seren, the Austrians are reinforced with a tank.

Sector 4Edit

The fourth sector has three objectives. The first is (A) Luca's Cottage, a fortified cottage at the bottom of the valley. The second is (B) the Mocheni Turret, another fortified bunker complex high on the mountain. The third is (C) Luca's Stable, an area across the opposite side of the main road from Luca's Cottage, and which includes a long building in a clearing surrounding by cliffs. Like the San Rocco Turret, the Mocheni Turret has a Fortress Gun. Unlike San Rocco, the capture zone includes both the surface and the bunker interior. Clearing the latter of defenders can be a difficult task due to the severely limited number of entrances into the bunker. The other point of interest in this sector is the more heavily fortified main road, with the stretch between Seren Gallery and Luca's Homestead being reinforced with an FK 96 and QF 1 AA. Additional emplacements are found at the homestead itself, with Luca's Stable holding another QF 1pdr AA gun and Luca's Cottage possessing a second field gun.

The attackers are granted another Sentry at this phase.

Sector 5Edit

The Fortress Approach is made in the fifth sector against two objectives. The first is (A) the Mocheni Supply Bunker, a small bunker with an adjoining trench system. The second is (B) Matteo's Bridge, a bridge across the dry river bed at the base of the Fortress. The Mocheni Supply Bunker has a pair of locking doors with viewing ports, which can make a direct assault on the bunker problematic, but the capture zone does extend into the trench system, again allowing capture without clearing the bunker first. The Mocheni Supply Bunker is also defended by a Maxim MG position in the trenches. Matteo's Bridge can be captured from the river bed, which grants cover once the area is reached. The stone bridge is defended by a Maxim MG, a FK 96 Field Gun and a QF 1pdr AA. Both objectives require the Italians to leave their positions on the high ground, descending across the open fields of the valley floor during which point they are highly vulnerable from the rising slope opposite.

Sector 6Edit

The sixth and final sector has a single objective: (A) The Ferro Fortress. The Ferro Fortress is protected by a large wall that must be circumnavigated by the attackers to gain access to the capture zone. There are three gates in the wall, a main gate to the north side, another to the west, and a third smaller doorway to the southwest; all can be destroyed with explosives. Additionally, there is a tunnel that leads directly into the bottom of the fortress. There are two concrete tunnel entrances about halfway up the fortress' hill, though there are many locking metal doors which may require explosives to breach. Finally, the concrete wall itself can be breached in several places with enough explosives. The Ferro Fortress is defended by three QF 1pdr AA guns, two FK 96 Field Guns, and a Maxim MG position, although all but one AA gun and the MG are located outside of the wall and are more useful for defending the fortress approach than for defending the fortress itself. An Austro-Hungarian Flamethrower patrols the fortress interior.

After capturing the Ferro Fortress, the operation will progress to Empire's Edge.


The Lupkow Pass Update in August 2017 added Monte Grappa to the Frontlines gamemode.

It is currently the largest map, with combat occurring over seven flags. The fortress guns do not appear in this gamemode, and neither team has access to vehicles of any sort.

Italian BaseEdit

The Italian telegraphs are located in and around the Church of San Rocco. One is on the ground floor of the west wing, underneath the staircase leading up to the roof rafters. The second is outside to the east, at the end of a trench line near the road in the southeast corner of the church's outer perimeter.

Girardi's Lower CottageEdit

Monte Grappa Frontlines Girardi's Lower Cottage

Different from Operations, Girardi's Lower Cottage is placed along a short, wide bank of trenches constructed amongst rocky crags between the Stable and the actual structures of the Lower Cottage. Walls of rock obscure line of sight into the area from the western lip of the hill, with the slope and additional boulders enclosing the area to the east. Close-quarter's fighting for the objective is therefore expected.


Monte Grappa Frontlines Hillside

A rocky outcrop uphill to the west of the Girardi's Stable, that is passed by trails leading uphill alongside the outer trenches to San Rocco Turret. The outcrops and the sharp changes in elevation up to the plateau provide some cover for those ascending the slope. A prominent overwatch position is a log bunker that looks directly onto the position to the southwest, but is nevertheless well outside the capture zone.

San Rocco TurretEdit

Monte Grappa Frontlines San Rocco Turret

At the northwestern summit of the mountain is San Rocco Turret. As usual, the objective cannot be captured from inside the bunker relegating most of the combat in the area to the topside, although the route through the bunker can allow players to attack the area from the opposite end of the capture zone. Said capture zone is slightly more expansive than in other gamemodes, and includes the log bunkers and trenches on the edge of the position on the north and northeast edge of the hilltop.

Mountain PassEdit

Monte Grappa Frontlines Mountain Pass

The middle objective of Frontlines is along the roadway at the foot of the western mountains, inside the tunnel complex of Seren Gallery. The objective can be captured from the tunnel or the adjacent storeroom, requiring players to fight their way inside at close range to gain momentum on the field. The top of the pass, although outside of the capture zone, can be useful in controlling the approaches to the objective and barring entrance into the interior.

Mocheni TurretEdit

Monte Grappa Frontlines Mocheni Turret

Back uphill on the southwest side of the mountain is Mocheni Turret. As with San Rocco, the objective cannot be captured from below and features an expanded capture area that now includes the orphaned, curved trench lines on the southwest side of the summit.

Luca's StableEdit

Monte Grappa Frontlines Luca's Cottage

Despite its name, Luca's Stable is actually located around the neighbouring rural homestead of Luca's Cottage. The Austro-Hungarians have an advantage here as they spawn behind the ridgeline between the Cottage and Mocheni Supply Bunker, out of sight from the Italian team attacking from the high ground the west.

Mocheni Supply BunkerEdit

Monte Grappa Frontlines Mocheni Supply Bunker

T-shaped underground structure at the end of a trench network. The objective can be captured from the bunker itself, or the short loop of trenches outside the west entrance. Open ground surrounds the position making approaches potentially dangerous.

Austro-Hungarian BaseEdit

The Austro-Hungarian telegraphs are located inside the large Ferro Fortress, each on different levels of the structure. One is on ground level, tucked into a side compartment on the east side of the northernmost of the pair of buildings. Another is below ground in the tunnels, specifically located in a large rectangular bunk room with three entrances, just outside the east wall of the fortress.


Rush takes place along a similar progression to Operations, with the Italians launching their attack from San Rocco Church, eventually progressing all the way south to take Ferro Fortress from its Austro-Hungarian defenders.

Sector 1Edit

The first pair of objectives are located in and around Girardi's Stable. One objective is inside the stable building aside the road, with another located in a trench line dug in amongst a rocky crag downhill between the Stable and Girardi's Lower Cottage.

The road to Girardi's Homestead is defended by Austro-Hungarian FK 96s, with one at both the stable and lower cottage, which are useful for defense against the single Italian tank used by them at this stage.

Sector 2Edit

The battle turns west as attackers are directed towards the summit of San Rocco and the artillery fort constructed there. The Fortress Gun located there is operational and can be used to defend the hillside and the plateau. Objective A is inside the underground bunker that houses the gun, while objective B is outside the north entrance into the bunker, in a trench line on the rim of the hill into which is built a log shelter.

Sector 3Edit

The attack continues against the neighbouring gun position of Mocheni Turret. Once again, the gun is live and available for defending against infantry and vehicles alike, with additional machine guns set up in the adjacent trenches, pointed north. Objective A is, as last time, emplaced within the main Fortress Gun bunker, and objective B is in the log shelter on the northwest edge of the position.

The Italians receive a single cavalry unit at this stage, as well as a Sentry SMG.

Sector 4Edit

Heading back downhill, sector four takes place around Luca's Stable and the adjacent earthen defenses. Objective A is on the ridgeline at the southeast end of the trenches, and objective B is inside the cottage building itself.

An FK 96 emplaced next the cottage, as well as a Tank Hunter kit and single tank of their own are useful to the Austro-Hungarians in fending off the two Italian tanks that appear at this juncture.

Sector 5Edit

The second-to-last phase occurs in the small area of Mocheni Supply Bunker, with A being located in the middle of the bunker interior and objective B found in a straight stretch of trench leading in from the roadway to the west.

An Austro-Hungarian Sentry SMG reinforces the battle lines.

Sector 6Edit

The last attack is made on the Ferro Fortress. The telegraphs at this phase are located in identical positions to the Austro-Hungarian base telegraphs in Frontlines, where one appears on the ground floor north building and another in the underground bunk room linked to the surface by tunnels.

Each team loses all their vehicles at this point, with the Austro-Hungarians left with a Flame Trooper kit to sweep attackers from the enclosed corridors of the fortress innards.


Domination is fought in and around Ferro Fortress, with the play area extending a shortways around the edges of the hillside leading up to the sides of the fortress, ending at the north bank of the dry river bed and cutting off the northern end of Matteo's Bridge. The high ridge that borders the fort to the south is also accessible.

Ferro FortressEdit

Monte Grappa Domination Ferro Fortress

Between the two main buildings of the fortification is the (A) objective. The capture zone includes the inner section of the southwest gate, and excludes the staircase pit leading to the underground.

Gallery EntranceEdit

Monte Grappa Domination Gallery Entrance

A low entrance with underground stairways that provides access to the center of the fortress. The objective is outside the fortress on the northeast side of the area. The flag cannot be captured from inside the tunnels that run underneath the capture zone, nor from the tunnel mouth.

Cecchini TrenchesEdit

Monte Grappa Domination Cecchini Trenches

Trenchwork along the northwest face of the hill leading up to the fortress. A rough square loop of trenches fall inside the capture zone, as well as another underground entrance into the lower fortress tunnels. The area is vulnerable from fire from the adjacent high ground, including the upper floors of the fortress buildings, but using the trenches for cover alleviates this possible hazard somewhat.

Team DeathmatchEdit

Team Deathmatch takes place is a marginally altered version of Domination's map boundaries, which now excludes a small, dead end bunker built into the mountainside on the very edge of the map's southeast corner.

War PigeonsEdit

War Pigeons uses the same layout as Team Deathmatch.



  • In the game files this map is named MP_MountainFort.
  • Prior to its introduction in They Shall Not Pass, a BL 9.2 Siege Gun can be found on this map near the Church of San Rocco.[2]
  • An early patch changed Operations to make the bunker objectives easier to capture. Before the patch, the bunkers had to be captured from inside. Though difficult for attackers, the task could be made simpler by having the airship destroyed directly above the bunker, potentially allowing its carcass to wipe out any defenders underground.
  • The map differs significantly from its appearance in "O Tutti Accoppati", which has more valley buildings, and lacks the Mocheni Turret.
  • The compass indicates that the Italians approach from the north and the Austro-Hungarians from the south, opposite of their real-life territories.
  • The locations Luca's Cottage, Luca's Stable, Luca's Homestead and Matteo's Bridge are likely named after singleplayer characters Luca Vincenzo Cocchiola and Matteo Cocchiola.
  • The layout of the map appears to have been inspired by the layout of the Falzarego Pass in the Dolomites.[3]


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