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Monte Santa Croce is a map featured in Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome.


The main objective is to take over the parts of the hill. In this map planes and light and heavy armor are available. This map isn't very popular, but not because of unbalanced teams like in Monte Cassino but because of the relatively small distance between bases.


FLAG OF FREE FRANCE.png Free French Forces
Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB

Armored personnel carrier(s)


Light tank(s)

M3 Grant

Heavy tank(s)


Self-propelled artillery


Fixed-wing aircraft



40mm Bofors

Flag Germany 1933.png Wehrmacht
Light vehicle(s)


Armored personnel carrier(s)


Light tank(s)

CA M11/39

Heavy tank(s)


Self-propelled artillery


Fixed-wing aircraft

Bf 109


MG 42
Flak 38


The Axis base[]

The uncapturable German base at the north of the map, on the west of the river. It spawns two light tanks, two scout cars, two heavy tanks, a level bomber, a fighter, and an artillery vehicle.

The Allied base[]

The uncapturable French base at the north of the map, on the east of the river. It is a reflection of the German base in terms of vehicles.

Western village[]

A neutral control point to the northwest of the mountain, close to the center of the map. It spawns only a machine gun.

Eastern village[]

A reflection of the Western village to the northeast of the mountain.

Eastern repair station[]

A neutral control point to the northeast of the mountain, far away from the center of the map. It spawns a scout car and an anti-aircraft emplacement.

Western repair station[]

A reflection of the Eastern repair station to the northwest of the mountain.

East Santa Croce[]

A neutral control point to the southeast of the mountain. It spawns an anti-tank emplacement.

West Santa Croce[]

A reflection of East Santa Croce to the southwest of the mountain.

Monte Santa Croce[]

The central control point, starting neutral. It spawns three artillery vehicles, two anti-aircraft emplacements, and four stationary machine guns.

In addition, there are two AT-25 emplacements and one 40mm Bofors emplacement at the northern tip of the mountain, in front of the village flags. These are not tied to any control point.


"The battle for the last of the two "million dollar hills" was a hard won fight. If it weren't for Allied air support, the Germans would have secured victory for themselves. The Allies now have their footing on the best vantage point for the upcoming battle for Monte Cassino."

— French Victory

"A valiant effort, but it was to no avail. The Germans now control the hill. Bombarded by artillery and suffering from bad positioning, the Allies suffered defeat at the hands of a superior foe. Not only have the Allies lost the advantage of this strong position, but they have also lost hundreds of good men in defeat. This does not bode well for the Allies as they attempt to break through the Gustav Line."

— French Defeat

"Although Berlin was getting nervous about the Allied advance towards the Gustav Line, German superiority has proven itself once again. The Allies had no chance against the well-planned German strategy for taking this "million dollar hill". As the Allies move toward the Monte Cassino, this hill will provide the advantage to the Axis."

— German Victory

"German forces scurried up the slopes of Santo Croce, but their flight was too slow and their armaments too few to stop the Allies from taking the hill. Germany did not expect the rush of Allied forces and lost a key advantage. As the Allies break through the Gustav Line, Axis powers must find advantages elsewhere. The Allies must not break the line at Monte Cassino."

— German Defeat



  • As this map has seven capturable flags, it is not possible to send a radio order with F4 to attack/defend one of the flags, as this command has only space for six flags (F4 being the closest flag to the player, and F8 cancelling the command).
  • The name of this map is misspelled "Santo Croce" in the game files.