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"The Morretti SR4 (Sniper Rifle 4) is a next generation sniping medium utilizing a semiautomatic configuration, high-caliber round, and telescopic sight to effectively assail medium- and long-range targets. The rifle is fitted with a carbonized metal barrel to decrease thermal distortion, ensuring maximum accuracy, although the high caliber generates significant recoil, requiring a non-repetitive, one shot/one kill approach."

— In-game description

The Morretti SR4 Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle featured in Battlefield 2142 and is the standard sniper of the European Union Recon Kit. The PAC equivalent of the rifle is the Park 52 Sniper Rifle.

A headshot with the Morretti will result in an instant kill, whilst a body shot will do 80 damage at all ranges. If there are friendly units nearby to finish off wounded targets, the Morretti can quickly help dispose of enemy units due to its high damage. However, the Morretti takes slightly longer than a second to cycle the next round after firing; cover should be used between shots to avoid being cut down by return fire if the player misses. The weapon's reload is also fairly long at five seconds, so keeping track of the weapon's small magazine size of five rounds is a must to avoid having to reload in a tight spot. Like the other sniper rifles in the game, the Morretti has no crosshair when fired from the hip. This, coupled with its other attributes, causes the rifle to struggle in close quarters; using the P33 Pereira up close will generally be a more reliable option.

The rifle is also compatible with the DysTek Hi-Scope x4 and Gruber-5 Stabilizer unlocks, giving the weapon an adjustable zoom function and the ability to steady the rifle's scope, respectively. If the player is opting to remain at a distance and snipe, the two unlocks will greatly aid in this task.

The Morretti and the Park 52 are almost completely identical in function, differing in a couple small aspects. The Moretti reloads almost half a second faster than the Park, but takes slightly longer to cycle the next round. In all other regards, the weapons are identical to each other and only differ aesthetically.

Compared to the Zeller-H, the other sniper rifle available to the Recon, the Morretti does significantly less damage and cycles slightly slower than the Zeller-H. The Zeller-H is also one of the few weapons capable of destroying explosives and other soldier equipment, a utility the Morretti and Park lack. However, the Zeller-H only has three rounds per magazine, and carries only thirty rounds in reserve, compared to the Morretti's five round capacity and thirty-five round reserve. As the Morretti can still instantly kill with headshot, if the player has good aim and enemy explosives are not currently a problem for the team, the Zeller-H's smaller magazine size will usually just be a hassle to deal with, and the Morretti will be a more versatile option.


  • The Morretti bears many similarities to the M95 in terms of the position of the magazine and general design, however there is no direct link to indicate that the Morretti is a descendant of this weapon.