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Battlefield 1Edit

"Equipped with a rear mounted heavy mortar and smoke generator, this version is effective against both infantry and vehicles at longer ranges."

— In-game description

The Mortar Package is a Vehicle Package featured in Battlefield 1. It is the default package available for the Mark V Landship. The driver has access to the forward mounted Lewis machine gun and a mortar with heavy shells. The driver can also activate Track Repair and Smokescreen when needed.

The sponson gunners are provided with HE or case shells for their 57mm Cannon. Two additional gunners armed with Hotchkiss M1909 guns have viewports to each side, behind the cannons.

This loadout is an ideal support solution against infantry entrenched in heavily defended positions with the tank shelling the area while allowing friendly infantry to advance on the enemy.


  • At release, the Mortar Landship was equipped similarly to the Armored Mortar Truck, with the same three shell types and no gadgets/countermeasures. The May Update changed the loadout to that currently available.
  • A post-release update added the two LMG gunner positions.
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