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The Mossberg 500 in real life.

The Mossberg 500 is a 12-gauge, 20-gauge or .410 bore pump-action shotgun designed by O.F. Mossberg & Sons in 1960.

Battlefield Vietnam

The Mossberg 500 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Vietnam issued to the US Army and US Marine Corps Assault kits as an alternative to the M16. It has a 6-round magazine tube, and fires buckshot shells with potential to kill instantly at very close ranges. After about 20 meters, more shots become necessary to bring a target down. Also, while powerful, the Mossberg's pump action is time-consuming to cycle, making the rate of fire on the Mossberg very low. This makes follow-up shots necessary at longer ranges impractical. The shotgun is an excellent close-quarters weapon, but too specialized in that role to be useful for anything else
All weapons Battlefield Vietnam Online Part 3 "Mossberg 500"

All weapons Battlefield Vietnam Online Part 3 "Mossberg 500"


Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

The Mossberg 500 is the default shotgun features in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, issued to the MEC Engineer kit. It has an 8-round capacity with 24 shells in reserve, a short range, and high power.

Battlefield Heroes

"The ideal weapon for the patient accuracy focused Hero. High base damage more than makes up for this weapons lack of critical hits."

— Description

The 590 Assault Shotgun is a weapon featured in Battlefield Heroes for the [Royal Army]]. It was introduced in March 2011 in the Punk Heroes bundle. Its counterpart is the 870 MCS Shotgun for the National Army.


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